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Fitness App makes the fitness activity measurable.

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Project at a glance

Our aim was to increase the efficiency of fitness exercise by measuring sensory data. That’s why we offer a new experience to your daily workout routine.

We’ve developed from scratch a cross-platform mobile app with native components. Taking special care to the speed of an app, our team prepared it using the newest technologies.

From idea to solution

The app was built for the fitness company that created its own sensor to measure workout progress. User has to plug the sensor to the fitness equipment and after that connect with the smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. The app, coded in React Native, allows to follow the daily, weekly, monthly results displayed as nice graphs. You can set you own goal and measure if it aligns with your expectation or not.
The skeleton of the app is universal, it means that it doesn’t matter what kind of sensor you will use, but the algorithms are unique. Fat burning, calories, strength and endurance gaining were set up for this specific model of the sensor in combination with the specific workout equipment. It was a nice adventure working with German fitness experts and scientists.


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Their engineers had good communication skills and engineering skills. They did well on taking tasks.

Calvin Freitas
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