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Are you looking for a team of developers?

We provide a highly skilled tech team for your project. UI/UX designers will bring your idea to life. Our backend team will create the architecture and logic of your idea. Frontend experts will make it beautiful and functional for your customers.

Your idea - our tech team. Let's check how we can make your idea work.

Do you need to add specific skills to your digital project?

What do I need to start the project?

Liki Development Services

Do you need for your business a customer care system, video streaming platform, B2B marketplace, GIS-based tool, fintech dashboard, or any other piece of software working in a browser?
Our developers and designers will create for you usable, flexible and scalable web applications, based on robust backend solutions.

While we specialize in professional web solutions for industries across a variety of sectors, we also create beautiful, SEO-optimized websites to help our clients outshine their competitors.

Are you looking for software development experts?

Your project is in good hands with Liki

We’ll extend your team or build your digital project

We can help you to build a website, application, mobile app, or IoT solution. If you don't know which service suits your needs just contact us.

We will help with:

React Development

Our developers, PMs and designers will make your app perfect.

We will help you to choose right services

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I truly love working with people from my team. We’re all passionated about every project we touch.

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Their engineers had good communication skills and engineering skills. They did well on taking tasks.

Calvin Freitas
Principal Frontend Engineer
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