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Do you want to build a customized solution that will grow along with you? We’ll guide you through the fastest way to develop applications. Desktop app, mobile, cloud–apps development doesn’t keep any secrets from us. Let’s create something cool together!

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What is application development?

Application development is a comprehensive process of creating software apps or computer programs. It involves designing, building, and implementing the app, as well as calculating expenses and scheduling monthly or weekly reports. Application development can be done for both startups and massive organizations. The entire process is closely linked with the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). At Liki, we believe in modern application development – an approach that enables us to innovate businesses rapidly by using high-end cloud-native architecture, AI, and DevOps support. Usually, the process of app development includes the following steps:

• Discussing requirements.
• Creating prototypes.
• Testing.
• Implementation and integration.
• Monitoring, gathering feedback, and constant improvement.

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Application development services at Liki

We believe in custom application development solutions. Every day, we provide our customers with a personalized experience that responds to their requirements in real-time. No matter what type of application you need, we’ve got you covered! We create scalable and flexible applications that fit customers’ brands. We:

• Develop web applications, desktop, and mobile applications written in Java, Python, Javacript, C++, and other popular programming languages.
• Create innovative cloud applications for businesses that really want to make a difference. Such applications deliver amazing performance and exceptional agility.
• Make sure security and compliance are followed.
• Help you with all necessary integrations (including API). We’ll extend your app functionalities and enhance its performance
• Migrate all necessary data for you. It may also be combining your critical data.
• Make sure that the UX/UI best practices are implemented so that your application is valuable for the users.

We only deliver enterprise-class app development solutions that provide users with an exceptional experience. We can help you develop a custom application from scratch or enhance an already existing application with new integrations and extra functionalities.

Development platform for mobile apps

Apps working on mobile devices are built on platforms that provide certain framework for implementing and deploying them. They include numerous tools that enable a developer to build, test and deploy apps to targets. You can choose from a native development (exclusively for a single platform) or a cross-platform one that enables to work across multiple platforms (using the same code base for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms). What solution to choose? We will help you with that choice during the discovery process, taking into consideration your business requirements and needs

Application development – how does it work?

At Liki, we guide you through all stages of the application development process. From planning and necessary analyses to implementation and post-implementation support, we are here for you. We are also responsible for your app design and testing. We work with the Agile methodology in mind. This lets us accelerate an app’s time to market and provide scalability. Why choose us?

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• We are flexible – sudden changes? Pivoting requirements? This is our daily bread! We adjust to your needs even in case of last-minute changes.

• We use high-level frameworks that encourage rapid application development and elegant UX/UI design to create your custom application.

• We work on both – native and cross-platform environments.

• We provide you with a dedicated team for your project – during the whole project, you have a project coordinator assigned to your business. 

• We have years of experience in application development, so we know what we are doing.

• We love beautiful applications and we carry about user satisfaction. You can be sure we’ll create an app your potential customers will love! 

Team extension / dedicated application developers

What will we do to make your website impressive and effective?As a leading application developer and technology expert, with a combined wealth of experience developing interoperable, flexible mobile and web apps across a variety of industries, we provide customized application development and deployment solutions.

Interested? Let us develop your app!

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Who are we? How to choose the right development team?

Liki Mobile Solutions is a team of experienced engineers, designers and project managers who take care of your project from the very beginning. For more than 9 years, we are building successful applications and websites for customers all over the world. Currently, our team counts over 70 experts with different specializations: back end, front end, java, javascript, web design, web developer, UX and UI experts. We have over 120 projects already finished and some of them are still maintained. Our experts have advanced knowledge of over 30 programming languages.

We’ll make IT for you!

Got a project in mind?

Should you require support with existing products or need to build a new one from scratch, you can count on us.
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