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Need support in developing custom software? Trust the experts! At Liki, the best software development talents are close at hand. No matter if you need to create a digital product or mobile app from scratch, or add some new functionalities to already existing software, we’ll be happy to help you. No more worries about software quality or task management – we’ve got you fully covered.

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What are software development services?

Software development means all activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, implementing, software testing, launching, and supporting software. You can call it a software development life cycle. And this is what we have been doing for years at Liki.

We are a team of experienced programmers, software engineers, and software developers who turn ideas into well-working, modern code and, in consequence, software.

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Why invest in software development process

No matter if you’re running a startup or a large-scale organization, having a well-constructed platform is a must in today’s world. First, it’s a way to promote your business – your brand can be visible for everyone and anywhere through computers and smartphones. Secondly, the pandemic has shown that software development is much more than important – for many companies, it is essential for a business’s survival. It improves sales and service, as well as enables direct communication with the clients. It’s now the fastest way to increase your brand awareness. Finally, software development helps you start on-the-go marketing which helps you promote your products and services without any additional money spent or extra time required.

What are the types of software development?

You can find many different types of computer software development. Each of them is related with certain digital project, service or solution we want to build. Each requires its own dedicated development process, programming language, tools and software development team with distinct skill set (with a solid foundation in computer programming). We can point out:


  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Database Development
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Security Engineering
  • Embedded Software Development

As you can see, different software development processes are responsible for a wide range of software development projects and products. Which of them should you choose? As always, it depends. It depends on your business goals, products usability, user requirements, etc. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert. At Liki we can guide you and manage your software project. Doesn’t matter if it requires coding with JavaScript, object oriented programming in Java, or using any other specific programming language. We can offer diverse development teams.

Software development services at Liki

Our software development offer has been created for all businesses, no matter their sizes. We are ready to design enterprise systems like ERP or CRM, as well as help you with integrations and migrations. We provide custom software development services enriched with exceptional customer support. With Liki, you can automate your business processes, have prototypes designed, or a totally new product created and launched. If you need some young blood to support your in-house team, we also offer team augmentation services. Our software engineering solutions can boost your project.

The software we develop is fully adjusted to the latest UX/UI best practices. We believe that design is a critical part of any project – it determines whether the software product will meet users’ needs or turn out to be completely useless. The software we create is functional, visually appealing, and engaging. No matter if it’s custom web design or mobile application design, user experience is everything!

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Why choose software development at Liki?

Software development is a way to differentiate your brand and gain a competitive advantage. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make software development work for you. We have the knowledge, skills, and technical background needed to accelerate the growth of your business. We use the most effective software development methodologies, top programming languages, and the most productive software development tools, operating systems (system software), and software programs. We use innovative technology (including cloud, and AI) and a team of software development professionals who will bring your business to the next level!

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Who are we? How to choose the right development team?

Liki Mobile Solutions is a team of experienced engineers, designers and project managers who take care of your project from the very beginning. For more than 9 years, we are building successful applications and websites for customers all over the world. Currently, our team counts over 70 experts with different specializations: back end, front end, java, javascript, web design, web developer, UX and UI experts. We have over 120 projects already finished and some of them are still maintained. Our experts have advanced knowledge of over 30 programming languages.

We’ll make IT for you!

Got a project in mind?

Should you require support with existing products or need to build a new one from scratch, you can count on us.
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