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We live in a world where smart buildings, devices, machines, and objects can automatically transfer data through the network. IoT (Internet of Things) services become more and more popular in every single part of our everyday reality. At Liki, we make IoT accessible for businesses, no matter their sizes and industries.

What are IoT services?

Briefly speaking, the IoT is the network of physical objects that are embedded with software and other technologies. The main purpose behind the Internet of Things is connecting and exchanging data with systems and smart devices over the Internet. Experts agree the number of connected consumer IoT devices (and any other IoT devices) will grow to around 30 billion by 2025.

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IoT device management

Is an amazing opportunity for rapidly developing industries and businesses. Implementation of high-end IoT solutions is proven to bring improved productivity, an increase in revenue, as well as improved performance, and better services for customers. The Internet of Things definitely makes the world around us smarter and much more responsive which is a huge step towards merging the digital and physical universes. Recent advances in a variety of different modern technologies (like access to low-cost sensor technology, connectivity, machine learning, or cloud computing platforms) have made the idea of using IoT data exceptionally practical.

At Liki, we can transform pretty much any physical object into an IoT device if only it can be connected to the Internet.

Why choose IoT services?

Optimize costs

Increase efficiency and productivity

Bring multiple business opportunities

Improve customer experience

Properly acquired IoT services can be highly beneficial for businesses. The IoT cutting-edge technologies:

Optimize costs
IoT solution is a great way to streamline processes and business operations. The first costs of IoT development can seem to be high but in the long-term, the technology is cost-effective and efficient. Among the others, maintenance costs can be positively impacted.

Increase efficiency and productivity
One of the main ideas behind the IoT systems is cutting down on repetitive and time-consuming tasks. They can be easily managed automatically which speeds up a variety of processes.

Bring multiple business opportunities
Mainly thanks to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. The more data you have, the better you can predict customer behavior patterns.

Improve customer experience
The latest technologies are upending the way customers approach their relationships with businesses. IoT ecosystem enables companies to better engage with their audiences, very often through high-end devices connected to the IoT cloud.

IoT services at Liki

At Liki, we create intelligent IoT applications for both startups and enterprises. We work with machine learning tools and artificial intelligence-based solutions so that you can gain visibility into KPIs, statistics, and numerous business processes. We’ll help you quickly enhance your existing processes and operations for customer service, human resources, financial services, and many more. We have created dozens of IoT solutions for various industries: from manufacturing and logistics to IT, healthcare, and banking.

If you want to discover a freshly new IoT-based solution to revolutionize your business, you have come to the right place! Our team of software and embedded developers, electrical and electronics engineers are ready to develop an IoT adoption for electronic devices, connect devices for remote control, or develop IoT strategy.

IoT Live Objects

Among others we work with Live Objects - an IoT platform in the cloud.

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IoT Live Objects

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