December 14, 2021

Orange LiveObjects: interview with IoT LiveObjects Program Director


Olga Vasylenko

Marketing Specialist

We invite you to check an interview with the CEO at Liki/Frontend House and Program Director IoT at Orange Innovation at Orange - Bartłomiej Kitta. Have a nice watch!


Jan: Hello. I'm Jan Ekiel. I'm from Liki, we are in Paris in Orange, Innovation Headquarter. Together with me is Bartłomiej Kitta, program director. I know you launched Orange Life Objects - an IoT cloud dedicated to innovative solutions. May you say something more about this?

Bartlomiej: Yeah, sure. So Life Object is an IoT platform in the cloud, dedicated to the international market. So we deliver the same solution in France, Poland, Romania, Spain, et cetera, all the international countries. The main point is to collect the information that comes from connected objects to one cloud platform.

Jan: In Liki, we work together with startups and very often, very big corporations. May you say us about the advantages and values that Orange Live Objects brings to them?

Advantages of Orange Live Objects

Bartłomiej: Yes, so the main advantage is that the platform is very simple to use. We have the open APIs, we have the documentation or open the documentation and for the developers, it's very easy to use and we can test some kind of prototype very quickly. Another advantage is that the platform is a multi-connectivity platform. So we support all the cellular protocols MQTT, HTTP, but also starting from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G now, the new one. And also the specific for IoT like Lora 1or other protocols, in the IoT world, there are many specific protocols.

So with one platform, we can easily connect all this connected world in one platform.

Sounds good. Orange Live Objects is available for six years. May you say us about industries that use this platform just now?

Use cases of Orange Live Objects

Bartlomiej: We started in 2015 on the French market and now we have all the experience to maintain the solution because it's not only the question to put on the market, but also to maintain the solution. So we have a good quality of service also for the solution. The main use case, the main industry that uses today the solution, I can bring two examples. First, one is on the B2C on the retail market is the smart home solution in France - Maison connectée - is to deploy the sensors at home to detect the movement and all activity and to connect your house your home.

Jan: Is it more for the security of home?

Bartlomiej: It's more for managing your home remotely than security.

Jan: Smart home.

Bartłomiej: It's not only security, but you can also find some use case solutions to optimize security issues, but the main solution is to connect your house, manage your home remotely, change the light, to own the system. And the second one is more on the B2B market for the business with industry on the smart metering, smart watering, so the meters that collect information about the water consumption or energy consumption. We connected these meters.

Jan: How many devices are connected just now in this smart watering system?

Bartlomiej: In the smart water system we have more than 200 devices connected, active devices connected.

Jan: Yes. Together with our partners, we also use Orange Life Objects to control the status of photovoltaic farms. Using a dedicated controller - Smart Energy Controller - we can compare consumption and production of energy and we are using Orange Live Objects, we can collect this data, compare it and manage this energy use in real-time.

Bartlomiej: I'm very happy with this collaboration because we joined our forces to make the solution and I understood also that smart energy we use already the mobile app of Live Object, but also the other resources like SDK that are available and can be helped to join to integrate the device very quickly into Life Object.

Documentation availability

Jan: For the final users, the investors who build photovoltaic farms, it is very important to increase of efficiency of the business process and business cases. And with the use of Orange Life Objects and controllers, we can give them responsibility. We develop solutions for our clients in software agencies. Very often it's important for our architects and software developers what kind of API or all the source code is available services which we use. In Orange Live Objects, you have also API and SDK. May you say something more about it?

Bartlomiej: Yes. As I said already that you have all the open strategies about the availability of the documentation, APIs. All the APIs are already available on the Swagger in Life Objects so we can even test the APIs and all the functionality. All the APIs are open. We don't have any hidden APIs. So what is displayed on the portal for the Live Object,we have the same functionality we can use using APS.

Integration to cloud and support

Jan: From the point of view of an integrator who can use data collected in Orange Live Objects and transfer it to other clouds. What kind of clouds are integrated just now?

Bartlomiej: We try to help our customers in the development of the use cases. So we know that the Life Object, the main point of Life Object is device and data management, but to go more in the data management. If somebody wants to share this data with other clouds, you have the possibility to send the connectors to send the data to Amazon, Web Services, Azure, Microsoft and also Google. But there is another solution that we can adapt and we can integrate through the all customer journey.

Jan: Thinking of integration, very important in support. Do you offer also support?

Bartlomiej: Yes, sure. We have email support. You can send us the email to ask and also the forum we can answer your questions.

Jan: When we develop minimum value products, especially for startups, it is very important to show very quickly the first phase of software development results. And I remember using dashboards on the Orange Live objects menu that were possible to show the effect of software developers work.

Bartlomiej: If we talk about integration, on one side we have integration with the device, as I’ve said, we have the indicator to integrate the device easily to the Live Objects. On the other side. We want to quickly visualize, to show the result in a visual way. So in fact we have the dashboard very easy to use and developers or the user can customize the dashboard very quickly to search and show what they want.

Jan: Yes. My experience when I talk with financial clients, investors, for them it is a very important business case. Software development is very expensive and I believe that Orange Live Objects can help us to deliver for investors real value very quickly without peak investment at the beginning of the development of their company product. Can you agree with this?

Bartlomiej: Yes, our target is to support developers to help the customer in the IoT service development.

Jan: Thank you very much. Hope you will meet again! Thank you.

Bartlomiej: Thank you.

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