Case study

Knowde Online Chemical Marketplace

From idea to solution

We brought the e-commerce experience to the higher level turning purchasing chemical ingredients online into a very simple and intuitive process. During working on the project, our developers became a part of the big international team. At the very first stage of cooperation we developed a demo version of the product for the potential investors.
The biggest challenge was working remotely with a US-based customer. It required a lot of flexibility and putting an extra effort to fully recognize business needs. However, the whole process of collaboration went smooth. The platform has become the world’s largest online catalog of chemical ingredients, which is also an operating instrument for connecting chemical producers with the buyers.


At the early stage of the procect the main goal was to make as big impression on Ivestors as possible. Of course we agreed lot of goals with our Partner, but the demo version should be quickly developed with the most part of UX/UI.

We responded to all requests

Unique UX

Celan UI

Intuitive layout

Easy purchase

Knowde products

Platform should allow to sell any kind of products

The e-commerce platform was prepared not only for simple and easy defined products, but suits to all the different requirements and easy to build formulas made from simple ingridients.

Knowde page

It is prepared for any kind of customers, brands, buyers and suppliers.

It connects roles and types of customers for any organization. As a marketplace it helps to connect Brands with OEM suppliers, buyers with products and manufacturers.

E-commerce solutions

We expanded the online marketplace for chemicals to the fully fledged e-commerce network. Currently, the platform has collected more than 95k chemical ingredients, +7k supppliers,

Our Partner said


Project at a glance - New level of e-commerce experience

We contributed to creating the online platform that connects chemical producers with customers. It’s a free, user-friendly frontend web app that allows buyers to search and purchase chemistry products from every major seller in the world!

Way of working

How it works

The web application has organized the world of chemistry. It lets users explore the largest base of chemicals effortlessly. Chemistry, application, function, properties and even more filters help to find the right product out of hand

Unique UX

Meeting our client’s expectations, we made the platform look and function well. Feature by feature we improved the overall User Experience, still adding new functionalities.

Frontend skill set

Having mastered multiple frontend technologies including newest Angular, our developers have had a proper understanding of how to create the production ready application.

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