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Building successful digital solutions

Goes far beyond just making them visually attractive. The best designers also put great efforts into providing users with a seamless and pleasant journey. At Liki, we help brands navigate all aspects of the digital landscape, and solving users’ problems through providing the ultimate user experience is something we heavily focus on.

What are UX Design services?

User Experience Design services create products that provide relevant experiences to users. In the last few years, UX Design has become a vast and multidisciplinary field that shapes products and services. User Experience Design and user interfaces refer to any interaction a user has with your product or service.

UX Design Services

It considers all elements that shape this experience, how easy and intuitive it is for the user to use the product, and how it makes the user feel. When we say ‘user experience’ we are referring to how people interact with a product or service. It’s the user’s answer to questions like: does the product give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it visually appealing? Does it work as expected? Summing up, UX Design is working towards creating a usable, useful, desirable, accessible, and credible product. It’s much more than just good usability.

Of course, a user’s experience with a product changes over time. This is why UI and UX services are continuous work that involves many tests and experiments.

Why choose UX Design services?

Pays off

Helps understand users

Improves conversions

Helps build responsive products

Supports validate your ideas

Refines your website or app structure

Ignoring UX may be something that will stop your online business growth. If users don’t like or enjoy your digital product, it can lead to revenue loss and a poor reputation.

User Experience design services pay off
Experts say that each $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return.

Working on UX Design helps you understand your users
Your goal is to create a seamless experience for different platforms and devices. You ensure solutions that are based on user research and analysis.

UX improves conversions
A perfect UX increases the number of leads and sales from your website or application and will lead to customer satisfaction.

It helps you build responsive products
You develop a mobile-friendly experience that is built around users’ needs.

It’s a great way to validate your ideas
The UX Design process involves creating prototypes and validating them to reduce the risk of failure.

UX Design refines your website or app structure
It helps you create intuitive and user-friendly navigation with the most effective information architecture.

UX Design Services at Liki

Delivering a complete digital experience is something we have been doing for years. Our skilled UX Designers use best practices and techniques to create solutions that are both easy and intuitive to use and fully tailored to match customers’ needs. In our services portfolio, we have a wide variety of UX and UI design services, starting from extensive UX research tools to interaction design, and comprehensive usability audits solutions. Our user interface design services, including user testing, usability testing help to exceed user expectations of the end-user and implement business goals by the use of graphic design. We’ll be happy to help you create an amazing, state-of-the-art website or application your customers will instantly fall in love with!

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