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Embedded Development

Embedded software engineering

Sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and edge computing are our daily bread. If you have any problem that needs to be built from nothing we are here for you. We will help you pick the best components and modules. After that, we will design all custom circuit boards for you. Do you need a tiny microcontroller to preserve battery life or a powerful GPU to run your A.I. networks? We know how to proceed.

Embedded Development Services

But the hardware itself is not a complete solution. We put life in it by crafting tailor-made firmware. We know how to process your telemetric samples and how to send them to an IoT cloud in a way that will let you fully utilize your data. On top of that, you will get field updates and constant monitoring. For more advanced edge computing we also know how to set you up with a robust environment for training your A.I.

Embedded Development

Embedded Systems

What are embedded systems? Also known as embedded software or embedded computers, they are small form factor computers created to control various machines or devices. Simply speaking, embedded systems power specific tasks – they are designed to manage specific physical operations.

They might be an independent system or be a part of a larger one, so as a result they can answer for a particular function or handle functions within a larger system. As a combination of hardware and software, they are able to cover a wide variety of environments.

The most popular computing platform for embedded systems is a microcontroller, often in the form of single board computers – soldered circuit boards with microprocessor, memory, input/output (I/O), and other peripheral electronics.

Embedded Solutions for Industry 4.0

Automotive industry


Consumer electronics

Medical devices

Avionics and aerospace

Smart cities

Embedded systems cover the needs of many different sectors, but especially are useful in mentioned above.

Embedded services

We can offer you various embedded software development services:

Hardware configuration
Do you need to optimize your hardware performance? Let us help you to choose the best hardware configuration. By adjusting the system resource settings of certain devices we can improve the overall performance and system function.

Hardware design
We can guide you through the whole hardware development process: from idea to production. Our embedded software engineers can deliver proof of concept, prototype, or a production-ready design – whatever fits your business needs.

Embedded programming
Also known as embedded software development or embedded systems programming. Simply speaking it’s about programming small computers that drive devices. But what language should you choose? With wide expertise and best practices, our embedded engineers will suit the best possible tech stack.

Connected services
Combine custom backend, web, and mobile applications to create smart devices that will rule your industry. Remotely monitor, control, and set the proper configuration to maximize the usability of your products, including the power of IoT.

Green Energy Controller

Our flagship embedded product

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Green Energy Controller. Industrial automation of embedded software services and embedded security solutions for device driver development or board support packages.

Embedded System example - industrial implementation of SBC

Our flagship embedded product is Green Energy Controller – a photovoltaics farm management system, made in cooperation with Orange Poland. It combines the potential of Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things, so as a result, this powerful device enables prosumers to use the energy they produce more effectively and makes Europe greener.

Check its main functionalities:

  • read data
  • control power devices operating in photovoltaic installations
  • delivering information about the consumption and production of electricity
  • controlling its flow
  • collecting data in IoT Cloud
  • improving a return on investment and providing more effective usage

More about our embedded development services can be read at – Liki’s embedded and IoT skills center.

Technology – Embedded Software Development Tools

Embedded systems engineering takes advantage of different tools to program and design desired solutions. What is the expertise and what are the main tools of embedded developers in Liki?

Operating systems: Linux, Windows, FreeRTOS (real time operating system).

Programming languages: C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Tensorflow.

Single Board Computers: ESP 32, Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson.

How does look the embedded development process?

You can count on us on each step – we provide full-cycle embedded programming. Starting with workshops and idea analysis, through prototyping, tests, adjust, integration, and finishing with lunch of functional product.

You can count on our experts

Our team of embedded engineers transforms the devices to online.

Embedded development process






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Embedded development, embedded application development

Energy under control - check the video on Youtube

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