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UI Design Services

UI Design Services

Very often, customers ask if there are any differences between UX and UI design. We keep saying that they are totally different, but they cannot be separated. While UX is creating a pleasant and intuitive customer journey, UI services are aimed at creating a visually appealing digital interface that attracts users.

What is UI design?

UI (user interface) is anything users interact with when you use your product or service. UI design includes everything from navigation, screens, keyboards, touchscreens, and sounds. It doesn’t only concern computers – nowadays, mobile applications are becoming even more popular than desktop apps and the role of mobile UI designers has evolved to become one of the most important stages of the product development process.

UI Design Services

User interfaces

User interfaces are kind of the access points where users interact with designs. They usually come in three formats: GUIs (graphical user interfaces), VUIs (voice-controlled interfaces), and gesture-based interfaces. The need to make these formats customized to the needs of users of all ages and backgrounds is expected to increase even more within the next few years.

Why choose UI Design services

Helps you acquire new customers

Increases customer engagement

Builds brand loyalty

Lowers development costs

Increases the productivity

UI design matters, at Liki, we know it well. Research shows that around 80% of customers abandon a product with even minor UI glitches. On the other hand, almost 70% of our customers consider design the most important part of interaction with the software. Here is why you should invest in a good UI design:

A well-thought UI design helps you acquire new customers
It’s a competitive advantage and may act as your key brand differentiator. Attracting new customers means an increase in revenue.

Customer engagement increases
It is easier to retain the customers you already have. The probability of bounce is lower and the conversion rate – higher.

UI design builds brand loyalty
It is easier for you to convince the already existing customers to stay loyal to your brand.

It lowers development costs
A good UI design helps you avoid many future problems (functionality adjustments, correcting navigation errors, etc.). It will reduce time and effort during the next phases of product development.

It increases the productivity of the entire team and the users themselves
They decrease search time and increase satisfaction). Such an approach further improves customer loyalty and minimizes resources at the same time. E.g. you can easily lower customer support costs.

UI Design services at Liki

Our UI and user experience design services are comprehensive – we deliver everything from user research to development. We perform a series of attitudinal studies to verify how users think or perceive a product. We usually work with focus groups and surveys, as well as behavioral studies (A/B testing, eye-tracking, usability testing etc.). Then, we analyze and interpret the results to create a perfect, beautiful, and intuitive UI design for your digital product. We deliver all necessary wireframes and prototypes for mobile apps and desktop versions.

Liki’s both user experience and user interface design services will help you to exceed user expectations and increase customer satisfaction. Contact us if you need web app and mobile app design, to design user interfaces and other ui ux design services.

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UI Design Services

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Why work with us? We are a team of experienced UI designers with hands-on expertise in performing UI research and testing. Let’s create an amazing UI design for your project!



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