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Web Development

Your website represents your brand and company.

It involves new customers, improves brand engagement and successfully sells your products and services. A well-developed website can support your business team with new leads or be a customer care line. Website is one of the crucial elements of digital marketing for companies in any industry. Our web developers can support you and deliver best web design.

Website Development Services

Our company is a leading website development company which has served a number of clients. We develop impressive professional websites for our clients across a wide range of industries including healthcare, e-commerce, telco, media, customer care, advertising and more.

We have been developing custom-built web applications for businesses as per their requirements. Our skilled developers and cutting-edge technology will deliver you robust web apps that serve all your requirements. You don't have to worry about programming language or issues of stack development.

Web Development Services and experienced web developer and front end developers.

What is website development?

Web development is also known as website development, while the professionals that maintain a website are called web developers or (more commonly) web devs.

Web development enables website functionality, per the owner’s requirements including design, functionality and others. In a broader sense, web development encompasses all the actions, updates, and operations required to build, maintain and manage a website to ensure its performance, user experience, and speed are optimal. It might also, but not necessarily, include all those strategic actions needed to ensure its proper ranking on search engines results.

Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have expertise. You do not need manage who is needed for the project eg. front end developer or back end developer.

Web Development services

Discovery Workshop

Web Design


Maintenance and new features

Which stages of web development we can take care for you?

What will we do to make your website impressive and effective?

In the beginning, we will make discovery meetings and check all the requirements for your desired shape of a website. Then we can start to prepare strategic points for the website with goals and some user-oriented wireframes. After confirmation, we can start collecting media for the design team and start designing. When all designs are finished we can start setting the environment for your website. The development process starts after choosing the technology for your back end, a kind of content management system (CMS). Our team of developers starts the process of coding and implementation after preparing of designs.

So here are the steps of the web development process:

  1. Discovery meeting
  2. Strategy
  3. Design
  4. Back end
  5. MVP (optional)
  6. Final website
  7. Maintenance and new features

During the whole process, our project manager takes care of the timeline and all required features to prepare your site in line with the requirements set in the beginning.

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Become a web developer at Liki. Start coding websites and writing code, learn web development, scripting language including programming languages, hypertext markup language, html and CSS, and hypertext markup language for web pages.

What has an influence on the costs of website development services?

Let’s see some of the factors that affect the actual website development cost.

Choosing top goals for your business and implementing them as the most important.

According to strategy website design should respond to all goals, needs and be up to date with trends.

Custom Functionality / Self-Selection Tools
Depends on customer needs a lot of calculators, apps inside the website can be created.

Preparing good content to business needs for a website is crucial to rank on services and product queries.

Size or Number of Pages
Each page requires attention in strategy, design and programming then.

All these essential factors make an impact on time to prepare your website and the answer is rather simple: It depends on your needs. Contact us for more details and we can discuss Your project.

Our experts

Let's talk about web development with our Experts who focus on creating responsive websites and mastering cascading style sheets (CSS), and back end web developers, who delve into the intricacies of server-side functionalities. Full stack developers, bridging the gap between front end and back end developers, are a key component of web development teams, showcasing versatility in their ability to handle both client and server-side aspects. In collaboration, these teams synergize their expertise to bring comprehensive and efficient solutions to fruition, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded skill set in the realm of web development.

Liki Mobile Solutions is a team of experienced engineers, designers and project managers who take care of your project from the very beginning. For more than 9 years, we create successful applications and build websites for customers all over the world. Currently, our team counts over 70 experts with different specializations: back end development, front end development, java, javascript, web design, web developer, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) experts. We have over 120 projects already finished and some of them are still maintained. Our experts have advanced knowledge of over 30 programming languages.



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 Full stack web developer.  Front end web developer or front end web development services in hosting services.

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