August 26, 2019

Nearshoring: Choosing a Middle Way

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If your company would like to cut the cost of IT services offered in the home country but is concerned about the risks of offshore cooperation, there’s a still a solution for you – nearshoring. As can be well understood from its name, nearshore outsourcing (or nearshoring) means delegating part of business processes, often in IT, to the companies located close by, or even to the bordering ones. The countries suitable for nearshoring offer lower prices, a broader range of services and access to higher technical expertise.

Nearshoring VS Offshoring

Clearly, European countries cannot offer your business to cut the costs as much as outsourcing overseas. But reduced costs is not the only factor that matters in the long term. Nearshoring may be a better choice if you are concerned about the time zones, cultural differences and distance. Being located in Western Europe, you can fly to any of the Eastern European countries in around two hours, which is currently impossible to do, when you need to go overseas. Therefore, if you want to ensure the geographical proximity for frequent traveling or on-demand visits, nearshoring is definitely an option. As well, if your employees are not OK with working night shifts to fit another country’s time zone, they will be more productive and alert working the normal hours.

If your company requires particular language skills, you can always find partners among the neighbors, which will also reduce cultural barriers. Therefore, nearshoring allows reducing several risks associated with outsourcing.  

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Being located in the center of Poland, our office can be easily reached from any country in Europe. Lodz International Airport provides flights to the major destinations, and Warsaw is one hour drive as well.

The city universities prepare highly-skilled IT specialists, while more and more employees are attracted to Lodz from other Polish cities and neighboring countries, like Ukraine. We’re ready to offer our clients a top-end service with professional support at a competitive price.


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