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We develop web applications that work across the systems and screens, giving you business flexibility and access to your data from anywhere.

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UI/UX Website Design

Java Backend Development

TypeScript/React Frontend Development

Python/Django Web Application Development

Custom Web Solutions Development

UI/UX Website Design

We are a team that works with a user centered design approach. Thanks to that we are capable of making applications that will suit user's needs thanks to user research, user testing and competition research.

While working with a client we will first conduct a workshop thanks to which we will be able to define the product, ideas and solutions that will help us give the client and the users the value they desire. After that we will start designing lo-fi mockups that will help us visualize the user journey and how the application will behave. Then after user testing and presenting mockups to the client we will recreate lo-fi mockups into Hi-Fi mockups that will look exactly like the final version of the application working live.

With the help of tools like Figma, Axure, Sketch and Adobe XD, we are ready to prepare for you all the things that you need to make your product worth user's time and go beyond by making sure that all the needs from business as well as user's side are being taken care of.

Java Backend Development

Java as a programming language and as a whole ecosystem of tools and libraries offers features which can satisfy all business demands. Java-based applications are fast, powerful, secure and easy to maintain.

We offer a complete set of Java development services for web, mobile, cloud and standalone applications. We have done both small and complex projects for startups and enterprises, in domains such as healthcare, telecommunications, heavy industry, fintech and logistics.

Java/JavaEE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Security, Hibernate, JDBC, JPA, PostgreSQL, OracleDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, REST, SOAP – we are experts in everything you need to build powerful backends of web applications.

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TypeScript / React Frontend Development

We decided to focus on React for frontend web development. This multi-purpose library brought a new way of rendering websites, making them faster and more responsive than ever. It's a perfect choice to build Single Page Applications, as it enables browsers to update content on a web page without reloading it.

Therefore we design and develop beautiful and user-friendly React-based user interfaces for your web applications. Tightly integrated with our Java or Python backends, React frontends help us build web applications that stand out among the competition. And thanks to the power of TypeScript, which gives us improved maintainability, code consistency, and better browser support, we can build them faster than ever.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Next.js, React Query, Material UI, GraphQL, Styled-Component – with these technologies we will make your vision a reality.

Python / Django Web Application Development

Not every solution has to be a Single Page Application, with separated backend, API and frontend. There might be reasons to build your web app in the traditional way, like you want to rapidly build a proof-of-concept with simple, elegant tech stack.

With the help of our Python/Django web app development services, we can avoid unnecessary complexity and achieve great execution speed in building web applications with strong and secure foundations. This is the reason why Python (one of the most powerful programming languages, with its complex web application framework Django) is often used in e-commerce, medtech and fintech, where military-grade security is of utmost importance.

We cover all aspects of Python/Django Web development, and thanks to the number of awesome libraries available, we can address even the most unusual requirements – because Python is many things, but excels in data science, machine learning, scientific computing and data visualization.

Custom Web Solutions Development

It's not over yet.

We also help organizations move their legacy systems and tools to cloud and mobile-ready web-based solutions.

We offer building web services around relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, OracleDB NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, etc.

We build solutions for bulk processing of data from the Web, all kinds of robots, scrapers and worms.

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