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Legacy content management systems use same content, design and content chunks in their feature flag systems and user interface of classical content management systems.

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Liki’s headless CMS services

Creating high-quality content is a perfect way to grow your business, reach new customers, and provide them with a superior digital experience. Therefore, the CMS industry market has been rapidly growing, especially in the past-COVID world. Unfortunately, most web CMS software is not designed to support the need to manage content for multiple channels and experiences.

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Traditional content management systems assume that all pages for screens are built and managed in the CMS. This is why at Liki, we provide our clients with a strategic approach that separates the management of content from where and how it is displayed – a headless CMS.

What is a headless CMS?

A headless Content Management System is a system that separates where content is stored from where it is presented. The content can be stored in the CMS and then sent to display anywhere, which offers a lot more flexibility as to how the content is presented in different places. The ‘head’ relates to where your content ends up and the ‘body’ is where your content is stored and authored. A headless CMS is any type of back-end content management system where the content ‘body’ is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer – the ‘head’ (decoupled CMS). Simply speaking, a headless CMS allows you to manage content in one place and still be able to deploy it across any front end you choose. You don’t need to build the backend operation with the front end for only one source. Instead, you deliver content to any device, app, or browser via API.

Where to use a headless CMS?

Websites and web applications

E-commerce platforms

Products and services (digital kiosks, voice assistants, print)

The point of headless CMS is that you can choose which heads you send your content to. It works best for the mentioned use cases, but not only. Let's discuss your digital project.

How is a headless CMS different from a traditional content management system?

Traditional content management systems have been around since the early days of web development. They store and present content elements like text, images, and video on websites. So, the main difference between a headless CMS and traditional CMS is that the traditional one offers back-end functionality only. A headless CMS offers an all-in-one solution for managing content and the presentation layer.

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How does a headless CMS work?

A headless CMS gives you an interface for managing content and provides that content via APIs for developers to query and build apps with. APIs consume data through REST or GraphQL languages. As a result, the content inside the system is no longer tied to a particular template or delivery layout. Instead, it can be easily sent to any channel or device using API. This architecture means that you can send data to any part of the network after a request has been made to the content repository.
Most headless content management systems are offered as Software as a Service – you have to log into a web app and the APIs are hosted in a cloud-based backend.

The benefits of headless CMS

Headless CMS have multiple benefits. This is what it’s for your business:

Content editing takes no time
You don’t have to spend resources on editing and rendering. A pure headless CMS doesn’t have to deal with the rendering side of things. On top of that, content is ready for all digital channels at once.

You can manage content for more channels
Content editors can easily manage content for apps and websites.

Developer flexibility
Your development team can choose their own frontend tooling and interchange parts of their stack without affecting the CMS. A headless CMS minimizes restrictions caused by predefined components like layouts, formats, and templates while maintaining content consistency.

Multi-device compatibility
You can use the CMS API to query for various operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, macOS, and an embedded OS for IoT devices.

Performance is boosted
When you go for a headless CMS, you don’t have the overhead of the CMS app on every web server. This improves the speed of the delivery tier.

Scaling is easier
You can manage your digital content from a single source of truth and change developer tools at any time. Most headless CMS options are highly scalable, and they deliver little to no downtime during maintenance. On top of that, a headless CMS offers enhanced security – the content publishing platform isn’t accessible from the CMS database as they are separated on different web servers and domains.

Headless CMS development at Liki

We are a CMS development agency with years of experience in developing amazing websites and applications. We offer the following CMS development services:

Headless CMS development – a comprehensive process of CMS implementation.

Strategy, consulting, and project management – we work directly with clients to help them go headless.

When it comes to headless CMS, we work with the industry leader – Strapi. Strapi is a headless CMS used to develop websites, e-commerce platforms, APIs, and mobile apps. It supports both SQL and NoSQL databases. You can easily create tables, add relations, and adjust responses to your needs. Strapi builds API-based content models automatically, which makes it easy to view data in the CMS. The CMS makes it simple to get new greenfield projects up and running. It gives you a very easy and automated way to create APIs.

Why use Strapi?

There are many reasons why we have chosen Strapi out of dozens of headless content management systems.

Strapi is versatile and simple to use, mainly thanks to its user-friendly UI. The system is ready to use out of the box and the plugins allow you full customization.

The technology is fully scalable. It can handle a high volume of traffic.

Solid design. The technology has a sturdy construction that includes everything you may need to create an API that your frontend app can easily use. Strapi has a modular architecture – everything is easy to set up and each module is designed to function with any server or framework.

There is a flexible authentication system built in. You can control who can consume your data using APIs.

Data modeling is easier than ever. You get an amazing interface right out of the box to model your data. You don’t have to build database tables and write queries.There are many reasons why we have chosen Strapi out of dozens of headless content management systems.

Why choose Liki for your headless CMS development

When it comes to CMS solutions, we collaborate with various clients, from microsites to international websites (marketing-driven and lead-generation sites) and secure web services. The Liki team utilizes efficient technology to deliver custom user experiences faster than the traditional, integrated approach. Every day, we make content management systems simple. We’ll provide you with:

Customized and tailor-made CMS development services and individual pricing packages.

Web integration of multiple CMS platforms thanks to our experience.

A team of CMS developers who can provide reliable and flexible services that will help you achieve higher revenue.

At Liki, we’ll deliver the structured content management system you need, no matter if you are looking for a custom CMS or a ready-to-use platform, we’ve got you covered!



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Find your best headless CMS with Liki

As you can see, a headless CMS can make your website content more accessible for more than just one platform if needed. Also, if you ever want to change your technology stack you don’t have to worry about the content. Strapi solution is definitely your way to go. It brings many advantages and addresses current and future needs much better than a traditional solution. It separates data from the presentation layer and speeds up the work of content creators. On top of that, Strapi provides advanced content creation and publishing capabilities. No surprise that the headless CMS trend shows no signs of slowing.

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