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Are you looking for a team of developers?

We provide a highly skilled tech team for your project. UI/UX designers will bring your idea to life. Our backend team will create the architecture and logic of your idea. Frontend experts will make it beautiful and functional for your customers.

Your idea - our tech team. Let's check how we can make your idea work.

Do you need to add specific skills to your digital project?

What do I need to start the project?

Liki Development Services

Do you need for your business a customer care system, video streaming platform, B2B marketplace, GIS-based tool, fintech dashboard, or any other piece of software working in a browser?

Our developers and designers will create for you usable, flexible and scalable web applications, based on robust backend solutions.

While we specialize in professional web solutions for industries across a variety of sectors, we also create beautiful, SEO-optimized websites to help our clients outshine their competitors.

Nowadays we use React/Redux, Java or Node.js and MongoDB/PostgreSQL as our leading technology stack.

We consciously selected these technologies since the beginning of our presence on the market. Other popular technologies were not able to provide the performance and reliability our customers expected from us – for example, PHP couldn’t produce speed and scalability, and MySQL wasn’t able to cope with large amounts of data.

However, we do not force technology on you.

We work with clients to select an appropriate programming framework based on each client’s requirements. Regardless of the technology, we bet on the quality of code, clear architecture and above all, a good understanding of your business needs.

Are you looking for software development experts?

Your project is in good hands with
Liki !

We’ll extend your team or build your digital project

We will build your website, desktop or mobile application, IoT solution. Contact us and we will help to choose the right technology.
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We will help with:

Software Development

We will take care of the development from the scratch.

Application Development

Our developers, PMs and designers will make your app perfect.

Web Development

Website is one of the crucial elements of digital marketing for companies in any industry.

UX Design Services

Our team of experts will create an intuitive UX Design for your app and website.

Product Design

We will help you with all stages of product development: from concept to implementation

UI Design Services

Your new clear and intuitive User Interface is close. Contact our team

IoT Development

We create intelligent IoT applications for startups and enterprises.

Embedded Development

We will take care of Embedded Development for your business

Web Application Development

Our solutions give you business flexibility and access to your data from anywhere

Outsourcing Software Development

We will augment your team with the best software experts

WordPress Development

We help businesses move to the next levels of growth with WordPress services.

Headless CMS

An amazing modern digital experience is just around the corner.

We will help you to choose right services

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I truly love working with people from my team. We’re all passionated about every project we touch.

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We will answer all your questions and find the best solution for your project.

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