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that meet the heaviest traffic and security demands. Choosing a web development framework is crucial for starting a new project. There are numerous frameworks on the market and each of them is designed to address different needs. In the last few years, the Django framework has become an easy choice for businesses looking for rapid development and amazing scalability. At Liki, we love this powerful Python-based framework, too.

What is the Django web framework?

Django is an open-source web framework used by the world’s tech giants like YouTube or Instagram. It was created for building web applications based on one of the top development languages – Python. The framework owes its name to jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. He dazzled people with his talent and skills even though he had two fingers paralyzed due to an accident.

Django application development

Django concentrates on automating wherever possible to make web developers work lightning-fast. It’s versatile and allows building all sorts of things in the most demanding industries like FinTech. The framework has its own naming system for all functions and components. For example, HTTP responses are called views.

Why choose Django development?

Extremely fast

Fully secure

Versatile and suits any web application project

Scalable and reliable

Perfect for SEO

Built-in admin UI

We love Django’s strengths! See why it is one of the top 3 Python web frameworks:

It’s extremely fast
Developers can do more than one iteration at a time without starting the whole schedule from scratch. Also, Django is based on the DRY philosophy.

It’s fully secure
Django has one of the best out-of-the-box security systems out there. It helps developers avoid clickjacking, SQL infection, cross-site scripting, etc.

It’s versatile and suits any web application project
Django has many extras and is scalable so you can build applications that handle heavy traffic. The framework has all you need – it comes with most of the libraries and tools required for common use cases.

It’s scalable and reliable
You can tackle projects of any size and capacity. The framework is equipped with an object-relational mapper, which makes it possible to migrate or move applications to different databases with just a few lines of code change.

It’s perfect for SEO
You can build readable websites with links that have the most relevant keywords and follow the best SEO practices. Django is well-known for its human-readable code.

It has a built-in admin UI that is generated automatically for every website or app built
It allows Django developers to create/delete/update the users and databases specific to your app or website.

Where is Django used?

Django can complete numerous tasks. At Liki, we mainly use the framework to develop:

  • Complex CRM systems for internal data.
  • B2B CRM systems for managing communication between businesses.
  • CMS for commercial and internal use.
  • Booking engines, shopping platforms, and verification systems, as well as filtering solutions with dynamically changing rules.
  • Financial platforms based on personal data, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Data analysis solutions and complex calculations.
  • iOS and Android mobile applications that support web apps.
  • Document management systems.
  • Django community.

In some cases, we choose to base projects on more than one framework. Django can be easily and conveniently used to create separate features such as emailing systems for sending notifications, filtering systems, data-analysis tools, admin dashboards, etc. The most famous companies that use Django are:

  • Instagram – Django makes it flawlessly and adds fresh features.
  • Spotify that leverages machine learning technology.
  • Dropbox – Django provides the required set of tools to offer sharing and synchronization functions.
  • Reddit – it relies on Django for many of its functional capabilities like servicing user traffic.

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Why choose Liki?

Interested in building a product using Django development environment? At Liki, we turn projects into successes! First, we get to know your idea and help you validate it based on a thorough analysis (including market and competitor research). Then, we design a solution that meets your needs best. Once you accept the mockups, we create a beautiful, user-friendly app for your business. We take care of every aspect of building, improving, and transforming your digital product.

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