August 26, 2019

We are Ttions: Liki Team Showing Excellence and Winning the 2nd #Hackathonamring

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Last weekend was an exciting adventure and a great challenge for the whole Liki family. We were presenting EmergencyEye, our project supporting emergency situations, to the European healthcare and innovation community in Nurburgring during the second #hackathonamring. The solution developed by our team serves the ordinary people in crisis situations, as well as the dispatchers, providing a user-friendly mobile app, transmitting the data to the web server and therefore ensuring effective communication between them.

Celebrating Achievements Together

24 hours of hard work and non-stop brainstorming brought their results – the algorithm developed by our team was highly appreciated by the hackathon jury and Liki team won the Platform Development challenge. We were extremely pleased that our work was acknowledged by the top experts in the R&I field, and it is another sign that we are on the right track. Moreover, it is satisfying to realize that our job can help save people’s lives and provide better assistance in the situations when it is needed the most.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to the project team – your outstanding minds, creative ideas and devotion are our main value, and all the credits for our achievements go to you. We are also thankful to our partners, as without them we wouldn’t manage to put our ideas into life. And we greatly appreciate all the efforts of people who organized the hackathon and created such a unique space for cooperating and sharing knowledge.

We’re Not Going to Stop

Everything comes to an end. The hackathon was an important step for Liki on the way to professional excellence.

Now we are ready to move forward and reach for more!


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