August 26, 2019

Long-distance Relations: Building Effective Cooperation with Remote Teams

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


In March 2018, Liki was participating in Forum Human Resources: Cooperation with Remote Teams, organized by SIBB e.V. in Berlin. During the event, Liki COO Przemek Mikus shared the company’s success stories in effective remote collaboration. Also, we have established partner relations with many prospective customers interested in IT outsourcing. Summing up the forum results, we decided to share our point of view: why does working with remote teams bring value to the companies and what are the key success factors in such cooperation?

Why remotely?

Having teams in other countries may seem challenging, but still a lot of businesses all over the world are practicing remote employment. Why is it so? There are many reasons, and they all can be described in one word – efficiency.

There’s a huge lack of IT specialists in Western Europe and the US. Therefore, they resort to outsourcing and attract the teams from the countries providing high-skilled developers at low cost. In this way, businesses receive high level of service paying a relatively low price.

Moreover, the company can get access to global talents with minimum effort. It’s not always possible to attract and relocate foreign specialists, whilst they can contribute to the development of your project not being physically present in the office. You can ensure free flow of creative ideas and multicultural environment, having the best employees from all over the world, without breaking the bank.

Working with remote teams is greatly supported by the modern technologies. Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions enabling the workers to cooperate in real time using the Internet, various devices and platforms. You can literally stay in touch 24/7, if needed.

Distance Is Not an Obstacle: Liki Experience

Most of the work in Liki Mobile Solutions is done for our foreign partners from Germany, France, the USA, etc. In order to establish such cooperation, in each case, the team is created within Liki, that further joins the project of the client. The remote team usually consists of developers and testers, but upon demand it also includes UI designers and project managers. Moreover, when cooperating with remote teams, our partners get high added value, as often we provide the supporting consulting services in IT development.

Modern technologies enable effective cooperation between the teams and the clients. We use plenty of various services on everyday basis – Slack, Skype, Redmine, etc. From our perspective, cooperation with remote teams located in Poland is attractive, as the quality of engineers in Eastern Europe is high, while the cost of attracting them is comparatively low.

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Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska

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