August 23, 2019

Liki 5 Main Trends of IoT World in 2017

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


The Internet of Things or connecting devices to the internet is currently becoming the big new that is taking over businesses. So what are its trends that are noticeable in 2017?

No longer a distant idea- IoT is here

This year we are witnessing a move of the industries’ digital transformation efforts from operational efficiency to gaining real insights from the huge data being collated that will drive real action. For example, manufacturers track and monitor stock levels, thanks to a connected device, so they are actually saving time and extra effort.

Precise data delivered to everyone

There is a change in the things connected to the internet. Not only the overall data is delivered to a device, but it can even be a registered moment of someone taking out their phone to use it – so-called “mobile moments”. This shows how fast and advanced this area of internet connecting is becoming. Making almost no move unregistered.

IoT talent shortage

Major industrial companies are at a shortage of employees that could care for IoT security. It is a phenomenon that grows very quickly and so does companies’ need for using it. Thus in 2017, there will be a big number of serious recruitment programs and training with which companies will try to make the most of using IoT.

Connected healthcare

From the multiple devices like Apple watch that provide programs like fitness training and programs, there is a potential for it to evolve into this diagnostic and medical data-collecting application. This can make the healthcare institutions work faster, without patients waiting for the results of an analysis or a certificate – they could have it all on a mobile device that will be able even to save lives.

Contactless and mobile payments gaining trust

A new type of commerce will greatly impact our day to day lives significantly in the coming years. Contactless, as well as mobile transaction options, are gaining more and more trust amongst customers. This will be possible with the data that will be easily transferred thanks to the online payment system. This will make payment providers begin to offer a lot of seamless transactions for smaller purchases.

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