August 23, 2019

One App for it All?

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


Enjoy your fairs using just one app

The IT world is giving us more and more to talk about. This time it has surrounded us by news about apps and platforms helping us to organize our businesses. As it is a particularly busy period concerning World’s biggest fairs and showrooms of IT innovations, businesses or private users are encouraged to give it a try.

What is it and why is it si useful while planning your fair

According to Gallup survey, 90% of Americans’ time spent on their mobile is spent on using apps. The analysis’s result strikes with a conclusion that is, in this age, somehow expected. Apps are dominating our mobile phones and there is a way you can use this phenomenon to your advantage. Let’s say you’re searching for a way to promote your business, get in touch with investors, leaders and your potential clients, or even just wanting to visit a fair without wasting your precious time. Sounds exciting, right? If only you could find a way to organize your trip to a fair faster and with no doubt of efficiency.

App charming on a white horse

Yes, this one can solve your problems and be the one you procreate with until forever after. Remember that time an app really made a great impression on you and you decided to let it stay on your mobile? This one will be no different. A good fair app lets you organize your fair, your fair’s timetable and keep in touch with participants and organizers.

Imagine getting fully prepared for the event within minutes. It is not only a good solution to learn easily how to organize your tasks or actions but also creates for you more time for doing whatever you want to do: get inspired, explore more possibilities for your business, find time for something you never find time for. Thanks to the app you can have the most important information about your event in one application at your fingertips.

While you are there, don’t loose any time on walking through the whole fair risking getting lost in the big area of the fair searching for the company’s stand or a map. You can have it all in your app. Enjoy a 3D interactive map that shows you the plan of specific sectors and floors. In particular, you can find the exact location of the stand you are looking for. Find your way with no effort and a 100% of effectiveness.

Knowing that the more detailed your profile is, the more it is credible and interesting, the app lets you as an exhibitor create your profile, add a Web pagFacebookprofile, the exact location of your stand to make it more clear for the visitors, e-mail address, and other important informations. It will help you promote your business and communicate easily. Don’t miss a thing even being a participant. You can get the latest news about the fair you are interested in and while being there, note the things tyou don’t want to forget about the exhibitor you’ve just visited.

It is crucial for an app to take care of its cusomers in the time of need. That is why effective apps provide with full technical support in case of any occured problem with the usage. In addition, you can browse through the exhibitor’s catalogue to get in touch with their product. Currently IT fairs are organized all around the world, the biggest and most famous like CeBIT computer expo in Hanover, Germany, Japan’s IT Week in Tokyo or SIdO, the leading international showroom dedicated to the Internet of Things in Lyon, France. There are many more, that deserve attention and can be a very useful experience to you either as an exhibitor or a visitor.

ReCap : why is the fair app useful?

This platform consists of an app that lets you:
• organize your fairs
• organize our fair’s timetable
• keep in touch with participants and organizers
• have te most important information about your event
• use a 3D interactive floor map
• create your profile
• add a Web page, your Facebook profile, the exact location of your stand
• get the latest news about the fair you are interested in
• note the things you don’t want to forget
• profit from full technical support
• browse through the exhibitor’s catalog or create yours

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