August 23, 2019

The Greatest Innovations of 2017

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


The first quarter of the year has almost passed, and we are already witnessing a whole lot of innovations in the IT world. Mind-blowing, astonishing and sometimes shocking ones are blooming in front of our revolution-hungry eyes. Sometimes one inspiring moment can bring a whole world of new ideas. Sometimes one needs more time to put the creative mind into work. But once the idea is there, the realization and coming to life of the project is one of the most satisfying moments. So what Tech treats are this year’s innovators preparing for us?

The flying car

This one was awaited not only by the science-fiction-futuristic-movie-loving geeks but also for new technologies enthusiasts. The long awaited vision has come to reality. And not only as a project but as a product available for pre-order by the end of this year! The “flying car” is an oeuvre of a Slovakia-based engineering firm AeroMobil. The prototype was presented already in 2014 but it’s set to debut at the Top Marques Monaco – the world’s most exclusive supercar show, on April 20. It can serve as a four-wheeled car and an aircraft that has a hybrid engine and thus is fully environmentally conscious. This invention may serve as the roads are not fully compatible or if there are no roads at all to a place where you want to go. Well, this could solve many problems but what is the price of this miraculous solution? Unfortunately, this car/plane is not commercially available at the moment, so we can’t give a precise number, but it will surely be one the world’s most expensive cars.

Google earth virtual reality

Not so long ago Google released a look into its new feature-“Google Earth virtual reality”. It allows users to enter the searched address- from a small home to the Colosseum of Rome in 3D using the VR headset. Google’s promotional video shows precisely that you can “fly over” beautiful locations and choose the one you want to explore. It is available now on Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers. The application is free at the Oculus Store and Steam. This new feature has the potential to bring changes to the way we see the world, especially when we will be one click away from traveling.

Face-scanning system

Not only we will be able to see the world from a different angle, but the world will be soon able to see us anywhere. With the new technology of a Chinese company, a system can scan a face and remember it. This solution can serve in recognizing wanted individuals as soon as they enter a restaurant or even a store. Not only the crime preventing institutions, but businesses can make a great use of this innovation. Imagine a car not allowing anyone else besides you to drive it. It can prevent accidents and make the customer feel more secure. In the hotel business, forget having to carry a key or a card to open the room. One scan of your face and you are allowed to enter without having to worry about anything.
Multiple businesses become more aware of the environment and the threats that can become the major issue. Eco-friendly means modern, responsible and caring for CSR. So here’s an innovation that is one of the many that could change our habits of energy usage.

Everlasting battery

This company from San Francisco, USA is proving that there are still means of making a business work without harming what’s around it. Here comes the everlasting battery! The thing is that, usually, the energy produced for electricity has to be consumed immediately whether it’s a solar panel, wind turbine or a coal plant. The batteries that provide a big backup storage are typically very expensive. The new invention, which is are chargeable battery can be charged again and again, and it uses cheap components like sodium -essentially table salt- and a pigment that can be sourced from blue jeans, paint, and crayons-Prussian blue. The founder says that if the project succeeds, “solar and wind and other renewable resources can be deployed much more widely”.

Sorghum-the plant of the future

Now that biofuels are created, a business has a choice between gasoline and eco-friendly material. Unfortunately, the price of biofuels is still very high comparing it to the price of gasoline. Plants take energy to grow and to be converted into a usable fuel. But there is an innovation that can change this situation completely. And it is one robot and one plant-sorghum. The first one is furnished with sensors to pinpoint which plants in a field are thriving while using the least amount of resources, saving time and energy. Thanks to the Danforth Plant Science Center, farmers will be given the possibility to grow “super-plants”-cheaper and more efficient to grow, thus, finally become competitive with the prices of gasoline.

Solar panel-installing robot

To install an eco-friendly device to generate clean energy, a precise and time-consuming work is required. Now that solar panels are frequently manufactured with solar photovoltaic (PV), their price has been dropping. Another innovation that could help businesses, is this new robot that is able to install solar panels in place with maximum precision and in a shorter amount of time. It has been used by solar panel manufacturers, so why not by the installers? the German company Gehrlicher stated, that the machine works 8 times faster in every weather condition and requires about 1/10 the number of workers. With the cost of $900k this machine is able to pay for themselves in “less than one year of steady use”.

The HANOVER-MESSE tradeshow

All those innovations are making our world go round quicker and more efficiently. From the medical branch ones to industrial automation and energy, those new visions give us hope for a new, more efficient and, most importantly, eco-friendly world. Those and many others are the subject of HANOVER MESSE – an industry tradeshow and largest capital goods exhibition. This tradeshow in Germany be taking place next week, precisely between the 24th and 28th of April and is all about innovation, tech news, industrial automation, energy, industrial supply and more. We have the honor to take part in this wonderful event presenting our innovative solutions, so do not hesitate to visit us at our stand, explore our solutions and get to know us better!

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