August 23, 2019

IOT World in California: An Inspiring Experience

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


Spring has surprised us by its warmth this time. Although not in Lodz, where we spend most of our time, but in Santa Clara, California, USA. It was not California’s Great America theme park or the beautiful Mission Gardens at Santa Clara University that brought us there, but the world’s biggest IoT convention.

Liki in Silicon Valley

This international conference consists of three days of learning, discovery, partying and networking. It’s the largest IoT event in the marketplace, that is covering the largest span of IoT vertical and horizontal themes: connected&autonomous vehicles, wearables&VR, smart cities, IoT data analytics &AI. Liki was one of the exhibitors, attracting attendees by presenting one of its realizations – the ShowFairs app. ShowFairs is the innovative platform dedicated for organizers of fairs, conferences, festivals and other events. It’s not only the mobile app but also the support of our specialists (Liki Support) and help with building the companies catalog (both electronic and paper versions). It was created to easily and effectively organize the time during the event, support communication between the participant and organizer and between the participant and the exhibitor.

But first, let’s dive into what was happening in the Silicon Valley.

This conference offered a variety of conference tracks, multiple stages – from an “ecosystem center” stage, where we could hear about Investing in the “Internet of Things”, Prototyping, Go-to-Market Strategies, Consumer Protection & Regulation, Corporate/Charity Philanthropic Collaboration to speeches about IoT-enabled machine-to-machine technologies and participating in workshops. Besides, The conference took care of a highlighting the importance of women in technology – a dedicated panel discussion, bringing together female thought leaders followed by an informal reception.

What was discussed during the convention?

Interesting subjects were discussed. It is clear that Internet of Things has taken over businesses and is becoming a fast-growing trend. We have concluded that it will put a great influence on our future and give an opportunity that businesses shall seize to stay updated and follow the customers’ needs. The biggest industries like the military are already working on taking full advantage of this new technology. Actually, the discussion conducted by Robert Rencher – Sr. Systems Engineer, Associate Technical Fellow, from the Boeing Enterprise on day two, named “Transforming Industries: The IoT Impact in Aviation”, has proved, that this industry is going to take full advantage of IoT.

IoT in aviation

In the future, thanks to IoT, there will be optimized routes for every plane as the new software is already being developed to enhance the monitoring of planes and to allow them to take “free routes”. IoT will not only take care of the pilots but will enhance the experience of flying. UX is going to be taken care of very carefully to suit the clients’ needs. Satellite navigation will be enabled for the traveler, for him to monitor the flight and get a notice in case of delay.

It was a great journey and a lot of information and insights that Liki will certainly take into consideration. We have met interesting entrepreneurs and attendees, with whom we could share our experience. Not only IoT world has enriched us with new contacts, but filled us with inspiration and encouraged to keep doing what we do best!

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Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska

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