August 23, 2019

After InfoShare

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


As always, The InfoShare organizers have created another amazing convention. This international event was held in Gdańsk, Poland between the 16th and 19th of may, 2017. It has attracted over 5000 attendees – developers, executives, startups, investors, marketers. They were able to listen to over 120 inspiring speakers explaining the history of their success, attend workshops and more.

Interesting start ups have shown off their skills and facts as well as their inspiring stories. One of the speakers on behalf of startups was Maciej Laskus, who explained the reasons and details on how startups and corporates should work together.

This subject is often addressed by startups seeking investors. The problem is, often they don’t find a good answer. A start-up, as an enterprise in its early stage in the life cycle, needs securing financing, ensuring a solid basis structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading. Nowadays, large companies are beginning to seek successful startup partnerships, and the both sides take risks finalizing this partnership. They take them more seriously because as innovators, start-ups are creating an opportunity for the big companies. They can enable them to be a part of a new trend or a new solution.

Based on a poll conducted on 112 corporations and 233 startups from various industries, 23% of those great companies have stated that interactions between start-ups and big players in the business are not just important but “mission critical”. Building links with corporations can be a very good option for start-ups. here’s why it can bring many benefits to the start-up:

  • Depending in which field the start-up is active, it can cooperate with the corporation as a customer.
  • Corporations can be a marketing channel for start-ups. If it’s active in the B2C field, it can be used as a vendor in customer projects, or by co-marketing its technology to the corporation’s customers.
  • They can build a strategic partnership. Start-ups can gain experience in operating in corporations environment and even leverage corporate resources like marketing, research, and supportive champions.
  • Corporations can work as a mentor for the small company, helping it bloom and supporting its activity in creating innovations. In addition, it can add credibility to the start-up’s image.

Liki had an opportunity to present its activity as a start-up welcoming curious visitors to its stand. Each day was filled with opportunities to network and get inspired. The second and third day was an opportunity to participate in workshops. Besides, there were many side events like the Great Networking Party, Beach Running, Leaders Boat Race or Enjoy a 5-hour long boat cruise on the Gdańsk Bay, that Liki took part in!

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Magdalena Rucińska

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