August 26, 2019

Biggest App Design Trends of 2017

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


Mobile apps are currently developing fast and with new features, but not all of them satisfy the client’s needs. Businesses have to be really careful while designing apps to make them appealing and thus, successful. This year, we observed trends that make a big impact on app designing. Here are 5 main trends, that are affecting the way of mobile app design.

1. Designing for IoT and wearable Apps

The constant fuzz about IoT that has started a while ago is taking over the app world. Connecting our devices to the internet, whether it is the smart home system or the military, is getting more and more popular and accepted in the IT world. Apple’s smart watch has gained immense popularity, in fact, Google is now launching “Android Things” with the goal to increase IoT adoption. Apps will be required for smart devices besides smart phones and developers will have to keep innovating to meet diverse needs.

2. Focusing on UX Failure Mapping

As in 2017, there will be more than 50% of the global population connected to the Internet, there is an almost certain possibility of every category of client visiting your website/app. From elderly to 12-year olds. There will not only be ideal scenarios of customers roaming there. Mapping out the path that showcases how a failure can occur helps you create UX that offers optimal experience even in non-ideal scenarios.

3. Creative Navigation and Scrolling

The user is getting more sensitive to not only the content but the appearance of an app. The first impression of usage is, in fact, an opportunity to make the customer come back. That’s why a creative and innovative app design is being better perceived and appreciated. The simple actions like viewing a picture or long scrolling with large size images and decent font style with attractive icons will “catch” the user and make him keen on using the app more frequently. Because our attention span on the web has dropped to about 8 seconds, it is an opportunity to give the visitor a pleasant and unique scrolling experience.

4. Blur backgrounds

This feature makes the app eye-catching and comfortable to use. The buttons are still visible though the background is diffused, what makes it aesthetically pleasing. This has been a trend since 2015 and it is not backing up. Designers can pick blurred pictures from sites providing free images of that sort. Although many use this technique, making your own unique pictures featured on your app will make the product more attractive and less likely to confuse with your competitors.

5. Movements: Animations + Videos

Because videos usually take a longer time to load and make the visitor wait unnecessarily, it is more likely for him to be attracted by small animations and movements. Don’t make those violent, it could make a negative impression. Aesthetical graphics are eye-catching, integrated with a subtle animation have a great chance of pleasing visitors. It is a great way of highlighting information – coupons, special offers or new categories.

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Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska

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