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November 21, 2022

Liki's Software Developers in Krakow awarded |


Kasia Ceran

Digital Value Manager

Liki is a software development company that provides top-tier technology solutions to modern organizations. We empower businesses to improve overall productivity and efficiency. Liki delivers comprehensive packages that enable our clients to build remarkable experiences with incredible attention to detail.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re considered one of the top companies by The Manifest, a business blog website. According to them, we’re one of the most-reviewed software developers in Krakow.

Since we started in 2013, we’ve been committed to leading our partners toward excellence. Our mission is to bring quality service and solutions to organizations that want to overcome their challenges. To be recognized as a top-performing company means a lot to our team.

Orange Poland is a video streaming platform that engaged with us for IT staff augmentation. They needed a proven provider that would bring real experts in web technologies and video processing to their team. Hence, they hired us to produce these solutions. Here are their thoughts about the project:

Our new web application is now available to our customers and is getting good feedback. We are very happy with our choice of React, it has allowed us to speed up our work by at least 30%.

They offer us people who work with enthusiasm and are not afraid to learn new things.

— Software Team Lead, Orange Poland

Find out more about our notable projects by visiting The Manifest, the platform that helps businesses discover the best service provider to tackle their roadblocks.

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Kasia Ceran

Digital Value Manager

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