August 23, 2019

Leisure Time on the Platform

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


A universal mobile application can become a tool that streamlines the work of the company and gives it a chance to stand out among other companies in the industry.

Spending leisure time on a platform

Tourist and leisure time industry is one of the most competitive and one of the most rapidly growing segments of the economy. The owners of hotels, assembly halls, exhibition facilities and entertainment centers face the need to stand out by emphasizing the advantages and all available in their surrounding attractions. They have to meet the demands of their guests, including the need to “experience”.

The tool for enhancing the work of companies in this industry and the opportunity to increase the revenueis a universal mobile application, which appearance and the content are tailored to the needs of individual business and their clients.

How it works

  1. The client installs the application
  2. The client either scans the QR code, which can be found at the hotel reception (or in an another information point) or enters the name of the hotel, exhibition hall, entertainment center
  3. The application downloads the content adjusted to the individual business and facility
  4. When the content is downloaded, the client can disconnect from the Internet and use the application without downloading additional data (this feature can be very convenient for foreign clients, who use roaming)

Functions of the application

The application was designed to meet all the requirements of clients, and at the same time easy to use and not overloaded with unnecessary content. Main functions of the application are:

  • The description and address of the facility, the equivalent of a business card every tourist takes with, when going for a walk, or gives to the taxi driver.
  • Telephone number to the reception with the function “click to call”, the direct call from the application window, which gives the visitor the sense of security
  • Hiking trails suggestions with selected places, which are worth visiting – maps with routes and mini-guides, these are the most important features of the application for clients. There are 1-5 tours for different audiences: “city by night”, “attractions for children”, etc.. Each facility can adjust their offer to individual guest profile. Some points of the tour include also the description and pictures. The application can be implemented in different languages, as well as in audio version (audiobook)
  • Short-term loyalty building features: coupons and invitations, that promote your own and your partners’ attractions: bars, restaurants, SPA, bowling, rope parks. Often, visitors do not know which local attractions are available on the spot. A client tempted by a free drink in a bar, a bonus bowling game, or a complimentary SPA treatment, stays longer in the place and buys additional full price services and products. Coupons are displayed as pop-up windows and are very efficient. The phone as a personal device is always at hand and the information about different promotions (pop-ups, sound alerts) enhances not only owners of the phone to use them, but also people, who are at the moment with them. With the additional information about the clients (whether they are having the integration trip, romantic weekend or just visiting with children) more services can be offered depending on client’s profile.
  • Building long-term loyalty relations can be called “anti-group buying platforms”. We often use such platforms to increase the popularity of the facility or to ensure at least minimum activity during the offseason. Obviously, group buying effectively attracts customers, however, for the companies, it is one of the most valuable marketing tools. Many clients using group buying platforms tend to come back to the same hotel or the facility, but only when the company organizes discounts again. This way, the entrepreneurs bear high costs of drawing in the customer once more. With the help of the application, there is the chance to make the client loyal, that came using costly for the company group buying. After installing the application, a person can join the loyalty program, which promotional campaigns can be adjusted to the individual client. Invitations to your hotel or partner companies can be repeated to our client at regular intervals. The application is dedicated to various hotels/resorts/trade fair centers, itbuilds loyalty programs for each company separately. Accordingly, there is no risk, that our client is going to be lured by a competitor.

Web administration panel

Web administration panel:

Web Panel allows the hotels, administrative businesses and marketing agencies manage:

  1. The content and the appearance of the application
  2. Tour content and itineraries
  3. Short-term loyalty programs offer
  4. Long-term loyalty programs offer
  5. Client contact CRM

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