August 27, 2019

8 Amazing Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness through Technology

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


It is usually said that technology changes our communication habits and adversely affects our health. Of course, as with everything, you should not exaggerate, but whether new technologies really have a bad influence on our health? The answer is NO. New devices also give new opportunities, but we don’t have to spend money on complicated diets and exercises, we can support our body every day with all the necessary things at hand! Here are 8 ways how technology can take care of you today.

1. Good sleep

We live with several times more dynamic than our parents. We deal with a lot of matters, communication is almost everywhere in real time, which causes the body to work at high speed. Countless stimuli attack us from each side, which causes massive impressions and often sleep problems. Our smartphones, or rather sleep monitoring apps, come to the rescue. All you have to do is enable apps before going to bed. The smartphone use a gyroscope to recognize the phase of our sleep, knows when we sleep least calmly and when the most. After determining the selected ranges of hours in which we want to sleep, the application selects the best moment to wake us up. It can also help you fall asleep by emitting appropriate sounds. The application can use external speakers, such as home theater, so that the sound is even better. Examples of applications are: Sleep Cycle, Sleep Timer, Sleep as Androidetc.

2. Diet

They say that you are what you eat, but it is not easy to eat healthy this days, with all the deliciousness at your fingertips.Many different applications have been created to help us choose the right ingredients. That way, you can control the number of calories, vitamins and minerals needed in our daily diet. The application also gives interesting ideas for meals through which we can easily prepare at home, thanks to the built-in database of recipes. Applications such as, for example Fitatu, Lifesum or My Diet Coach, allow you to combine the world of calories with taste. They offer interesting, healthy recipes and the ability to choose them depending on our preferences, regardless of whether we want to lose weight or increase weight.

3. Weight

Irregular lifestyle, fast food, low physical activity, make it easy to get a few kilos too much. To control our massin the simple and comfortable way, there was invented BMI, (Body Mass Index). This is the ratio of our weight to growth, indicating whether we have the right proportions, or maybe we carry some unnecessary fat. BMI itself, besides knowledge, does not bring much useful information, the more that the muscles also have their weight, which is why in new devices at the gym, scales, or recently also watches, there are special sensors that can measure our body weight through electrical impulses, muscle and fat and then they tell you what to do next. As we know, muscle mass in 70% consists of water, and in fat it practically does not exist, so depending on how fast the impulse passes, the devices can with great accuracy examine the composition of our body. To monitor the weight use the applications aktiBMI, aktiWir, or Monitor Your Weight. Applications not only enable the use of phone sensors, but also communicate with fitness devices and allow you to save results and monitor changes in our weight and fat content.

4. Outdoor

One of the methods for a balanced healthy lifestyle is physical activity. To motivate us to act, most applications allow you to connect to popular social media such as Facebook and show off your achievements to your friends. One of the most popular applications is Endomondo, which allows you to track many sports activities, from running, cycling, swimming, canoeing, skiing or trekking. If we equip ourselves with a digital watch with sensors or a bracelet, in the application we will be able to find out how far we have covered the distance, how long we have burned, how much we have had heart rate, how it affected the body’s water content, etc. The app also provides data on the distance traveled route, saves the map and all information about the location of the site, it is possible because of special GPS sensors that measure the position of the device on the globe with respect to the selected satellites. Other interesting applications are Sports Tracker or Deacthlon Coach.

5. Steps and ecology

We do not always have time for more physical activities, but using our own feet to move, we care not only for physical condition, but also save CO2, which arises as a result of combustion while we driving. Using sensors such as gyroscope, GPS or GSM, our smartphones equipped with special applications for measuring steps allow us to find out how many times each day we perform them. The most popular application is simply called Google Fit.

6. Hydration

People are composed of 70% water, which participates in the most important processes of our body. With increased effort and warmer climate, we often forget that it should be supplemented. No wonder then that new technologies deal with this, and not only Smart Watches allow you to easily measure the body’s water content, but also special sensors in thermo-active underwear or clothing. With some interesting applications, it is not even necessary to have sensors, just set the appropriate mode, and they will remind us to drink a glass of mineral or spring water. 2.5l is the ideal daily dose for everyone, but we can define the exact level depending on your wishes. I recommend hot applications like: Water Time Pro, Hydro Coach, Aqualert.

7. Relax and indoor

After an eventful day, nothing relaxes like stretching exercises, such as stretching or yoga. Many applications have been created to allow you to do stretching exercises without leaving your home. The role of the instructor is taken by our smartphone, which can show us exercises, show positions from different perspectives, count time, all accompanied by nice music and motivating the voice of the trainer. As if our home has suddenly become a private fitness club. Yoga applications are very popular, the most recognized are: Yoga Challenge and Daily Yoga. Interesting are also Pocket Workouts or Warm up Morning.

8. The mind

For a good frame of mind, the psychological condition also has an effect, our brain likes how we train it. Illness of the 21st century is stress, which unfortunately causes other illnesses of our body, stress is best served by a relaxed mind, so it is worth training. Application developers have thought about these needs, many interesting applications have been created, allowing us to train our brain, logic in a pleasant way. The more interesting applications are Peak, Brain It On !, or Brain Wars.

Dear reader, you can probably add many other areas in which our everyday life are getting better with new technologies and applications. As Liki, we deal with their co-creation and we are extremely pleased when we can contribute to a better world, a healthier lifestyle or its saving through our work. If you have an idea for an app that is not yet available and you think it may be important to people, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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