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Maciej Moszoro

Tech Lead

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Przemysław Wojtysiak

Mobile Software Engineer

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Michał Mierzyński

Mobile Software Engineer

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Maksym Ciechomski

Mobile Software Engineer

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Jan Ekiel

Business Manager

Tech stack

During the implementation we used:
GO Lang
MvvmCross Xamarin Forms
CI/CD Jenkins

Project at a glance

Most intuitive app for customer service

The challenge was to decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. The application lets its subscribers manage wide range of services. They are able to turn on additional services (VAS) i.e. roaming, check the usage, current costs, billing information, also they can top-up prepaid or pay online for invoices. This is a real time management app, i.e. most changes are implemented immediately. The subscribers don’t waste their time, they don’t have to go to the operator’s office, they avoid queues. This is the way to support over 1 million users who installed app.

Site desktop view

From idea to solution

Customer satisfaction is the key. Therefore the application was supposed to be easy to use and very fast. UX/UI part was very important in that case and finally we have one of the most User Friendly telecom app on the world. The biggest technical challenge was a large amount of transmitted and processed data. We had to manage a large number of clients, stakeholders, types of services, products and connections between them. Most of the services have special requirements, some of them can work independently and the others cannot.

Our cooperation with an Orange team of experts, who know well customers’ needs, habits, products and customer service processes, was a great value added. It let us plan the right architecture and select the best technology for building the application. The subscribers use the app on their mobile devices and so we used C# Xamarin native for both platforms (Android and iOS). The app was developed in line with the agile approach, i.e. we delivered new features in subsequent sprints. CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) were the most important issues during the project.


How it works

The multifunctionality of My Orange app provides its users with a real power.

Take a look at its selected functions:

- Information about active services and products
- Account management, enabling or disabling some services
- Billing information, payment reminder
- On-line payments
- Live chat with the call center
- E-commerce platform for services plus mobile and audio video equipment
- Syrenise system, AI optimization platform which lets customers choose the best solution for them

Maintenance & Development

Orange R&D department is constantly inventing new services, products and upgrades and thus this project is still running and we are supporting Orange Team in that. We participate in designing and developing new features and upgrades, most of them were created according to customers’ expectations. In this case, security and data protection are very important so we ensured that all solutions are in line with the GDPR regulations. In a mobile world new trends appear very quickly, therefore the user interface is being constantly refreshed, as well as the ergonomics and data processing.

New IoT solutions give possibility to improve the efficiency, speed and quality. To achieve the best results in that, we designed separate app interfaces for iOS and Android. To ensure the best quality and efficiency, we cover 80% of the app by Unit Tests and also use automatic test in Appium environment. We use them both during development and production phases.

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Liki Mobile Solutions developed an application for iOS and Android to give telecommunications customers access to their accounts, check their usage, and make payments. They produce upgrades every two months.

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