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Kinga Kaczyńska

Design Lead

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Weronika Ostrowska

UI/UX Designer

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Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Frontend Developer

Tech stack

During the design we used:
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Project at a glance

Professional appearance of professional products

Epicurean Butter was founded in 2004 in Colorado by John and Janey Hubschman. They decided to use their extensive experience in gastronomy and fine dining, and give the possibility for people to make a restaurant-quality meal at home. In cooperation with Zero2Fifty we have worked as a frontend studio and helped to redesign Epicurean Butter website and make it more user-friendly.

Site desktop view

From idea to solution

One of the most important parts of the website is the Recipe page where the users can find inspiration to prepare fine meals.We have prepared a clear layout, buttons and icons. Every reader can see how much time it takes to prepare the meal, what is the difficulty level and how many servings you get. A special product box with a button for direct purchase has been created for each recipe, which allows adding specific butter to the Cart very quickly.

As far as the e-commerce part is concerned, we have designed 3D and 2D virtual models of the products. They are also used elsewhere on the website. Our designers have used light shadows to highlight the uniqueness of the products. From a business perspective, designing multipacks was a very important task so we have followed the chief's recommendation while working on them. All 3D models were created by our frontend studio team in Adobe Dimension.












How it works

Epicurean Butter website was designed in accordance with the RWD (Responsive Web Design) guidelines. The layout adjusts itself to the size of the browser window, so it allows for a comfortable use on tablets, mobile devices and desktops computers. All buttons have rounded corners, in line with the latest trend. The menu in the mobile version is very simple and clear, users can choose one of four sections: Products, Recipes, Culinary Services or Company. Today, quick access to the Cart is a must, so that the Cart icon is always visible in the top right corner.

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