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Scrum master

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Product owner

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Design Lead

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UI/UX Designer

Tech stack

During the implementation we used:


Pure JavaScript


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

From idea to solution

Game development is a dynamic process, which we chose as a great start for Liki Internship. The team of 3 interns and 3 mentors created the game in 1 month which helps to assess the knowledge of developers in a funny way. Bug Defence game was developed in PixiJS, Pure JavaScript, SaSS and HTML 5. Pure JavaScript was the best choice for interns to start with the basics.

Bugs defence header

Three types of towers

Towers in a game

The player’s task is clear: to defend the code from bugs. The bugs are rapidly approaching the finish line, and the only option to survive is to use towers with junior, mid, or senior developers. To protect the code, you have to give the correct answers for the questions of various complexity. The level of difficulty depends on which tower will you use: junior, mid or senior developer. First, you have to prove your knowledge by answering the easiest junior's questions, and then you can use mid and senior towers, which have more power to exterminate bugs.

So it depends on you: will you let the bugs...

Bug in a game


Bugs won! You didn’t save the code from the bugs’ attack. But you can always try one more time. Play again, practice makes perfect. By the way, pay attention to the graphics: all bugs were entirely hand-drawn by our UI/UX designer Weronica, and that is the key to the atmosphere of the whole game.

Bug in a game

Or lose

If you see this screen, we pay our respect. Your knowledge compelled bugs to surrender! Only those who are skilled enough will get to the end. We have good news: the best developers who have demonstrated strong knowledge and defended the code from bugs will have an opportunity to fill in the recruitment form and join the Liki Team!

Agile approach

Towers in a game

Scrum methodology and transparent communication in the team helped us to create the game from scratch in just 1 month. The team of 3 interns with the support of a skilled product owner, scrum master and design lead created the Bugs Defence in a series of sprints, providing roadmaps and implementing all the necessary features.

Alternative tool for HR

Towers in a game

Вesides being fun, the Bugs Defence game is a great alternative for the HR process. The game can help to assess the technical competency of developers. The process becomes more interactive and diverse for both the HR manager and the candidate. Therefore, the game helps to defuse tensions during the interview.

Thanks for watching!

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