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Cezary Lewczuk picture

Cezary Lewczuk

Project Management

Jan Ekiel picture

Jan Ekiel

Project Management

Marcin Skrzyński picture

Marcin Skrzyński

Frontend Developer

Monika Opawska picture

Monika Opawska

Frontend Developer

Artur Boruński picture

Artur Boruński

Backend Developer

Krzysztof Wachnik picture

Krzysztof Wachnik


Tech stack

The implementation of Ramses project and participation in related hackathons we used:

Java, Spring, Node.js


Angular JS, HTML5, CSS




React API, Sockets, XML, SMS (GSM)


Android (Java)

Project at a glance


Saving lives with software solutions

Our society has never been so connected, thanks to the widespread smartphone adoption. Together with RAMSES consortium, we’ve used the functionality of modern mobile phones to provide better assistance in health crises. Having remote access to bystanders’ devices with up-to-date video, audio and GPS information, emergency services are able to react faster and provide medical care in a more effective way.

Phone using while driving

From idea to solution

From idea to solution

As a member of the consortium we’ve gained wide expertise in leading eHealth practices. Our innovative solution was awarded the 1st prize during the Hackathon am Ring that took place in Nürburgring. Throughout the project and during hackathon we had an opportunity to work on a panel for dispatcher service for the use of emergency centres. On another hand, we’ve also participated in the development of a mobile app to be used by people in an emergency. Taking into account the stress factor in the situations of danger.


As a consortium member, we were cooperating with top European experts from the healthcare sector - cybersecurity institute KU Leuven, IMEC, the University Clinic Cologne (UKK) and EITHealth organization, amongst others. By uniting our common efforts, knowledge and expertise we’ve created the solution for helping with the cause of 20% of all natural deaths in the EU - sudden cardiac arrest, along with other health crises.

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Liki Mobile coordinated all technical aspects of an app for iOS and Android. They built the app in accordance with international telecommunication regulations and data privacy and data security laws.

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I’ve been impressed by the leadership from their two principals.

All technical requirements have been fulfilled, and the app anticipates an October 2018 launch. Liki Mobile’s communication across international borders has been smooth, and project management has been stringent and professional.
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