August 27, 2019

Xamarin vs React Native – Comparison

Magdalena Rucińska

Magdalena Rucińska


Being in search for ideal cross-platform tool our developers strive for apps which run smoothly on both IOS and Android mobile systems. The “2 for 1” benefits of using hybrid tools are clear because, as a result, costs and time of projects are diminished. Beside that, developers can reuse the same code. All these factors make the app development process easier, faster and the last but not least, more efficient. Among the cross-platform frameworks, Xamarin and React Native are one of the most popular tools. Liki Mobile Solutions presents comparison of Xamarin vs React Native, even though both of the technologies are comparably good. It’s crucial to note that there are minor details which you need to become aware of before making the final choice. The summary of pros and cons of these tools are based on the knowledge and opinions of Maciej Moszoro – Xamarin expert.


Taking into account all the technological differences, we outline the brief comparison of Xamarin vs React Native according to the categories below.

XamarinReact Native
Founded2011; acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Part of Visual StudioDeveloped by Facebook in 2015
AvailabilityFree + PremiumFree
Ready-to-use componentscomponents split between NuGet and component storeall in one place
Famous companies and appsNovarum (medical app), CA Mobile (mobile banking), Story (movie maker) and Foundbite (audio sharing)Facebook Ads Manager, Walmart, Instagram, Tesla app, AirBnB, Adidas GLITCH, Wix
Community & Assistancelong-term presence, Stack Overflow, GitHub, blogs, etc.smaller support
App Performancearchitectures based on 64-bit codedoesn’t support 64-bits appson Android
Just in Time CompilationC# fosters both JIT and AOT compilationJIT only for Android. For IOS – JavaScriptCore
Native lookyou can design the UI in a platform-specific way (using XML on Android and storyboards on iOS) or you can choose Xamarin.Formsquite similar to Xamarin.Forms
Development environmentyou can write a code for iPhone app on Windows and compile it for Mac. However, you need a different platform that would be required for the buildhot loading which does not require a full applicationreload after code modification

Xamarin vs. React Native – comparison


Of course, in Xamarin vs React Native battle, it is possible to choose the winner, at least in some categories. Especially if we take into consideration minor differences, for example, within native look category, some might claim that Xamarin is better.

Maciej M.:

I think that in terms of native look React Native loses because the components don’t look so good as in the native systems. By contrast, in Xamarin, when we set off the application, it looks like it has been already made on the native platform.


In other words it’s about the factors every Software House CTO should take into consideration before making Xamarin vs React Native decision for their developers’ teams. These factors include, for instance mode of work or task division.

Maciej M.:

The goal of using hybrid tools by companies isn’t to turn 3 specialists into 1 person who will do everything. It’s also not at all about forcing individuals to switch to some unknown technologies. However, it’s more about dividing duties and organising the teams. Therefore, you can still have two teams consisting of specifically Android as well as IOS experts. As an outcome, there’s one common code to share, which is undoubtedly an advantage and, as a consequence, it speeds up the work time of both Android and IOS dev teams.


In conclusion, we can meet groups of enthusiasts of Xamarin and React Native, and indeed, they could convince us about positive and negative sides of both of them. On the other hand, if we want to compare them according to some details, we will find some advantage of one tool over the other. All in all, in general comparison it’s rather the matter of choice, habits and preferences.

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