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November 22, 2023

Why 'Black' in Black Friday? Check Liki's deal


Piotr Heflich

Business Representative

Black Friday, a global phenomenon synonymous with major sales and deals, originates from the United States. Its history is fascinating, with roots stretching back to the 1950s in Philadelphia. Initially, the term "Black Friday" was used to describe the chaotic traffic that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. Over time, retailers began leveraging this day to boost sales, marking the start of the holiday shopping season.

The name "Black Friday" gained widespread popularity in the 1980s, and its association evolved. The phrase in the context of Black Friday refers to businesses moving from operating at a loss ("in the red") to earning a profit ("in the black"). This terminology comes from the old accounting practice of recording losses in red ink and profits in black ink. Black Friday thus symbolizes a pivotal point in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit.

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In modern times, Black Friday extends beyond retail store sales into various service industries, including technology and software development. It's an excellent opportunity for businesses to invest in new technologies and streamline their business processes.

In tune with this evolution, companies like Liki, a leader in the realm of software development and outsourcing, embrace the spirit of Black Friday in a unique way. While offering discounts is a common practice, Liki takes a more nuanced approach, focusing on long-term value rather than just immediate savings. By providing expertise in areas like software development and project consultation, Liki helps businesses not just save but strategically invest in their digital infrastructure and future.

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Such an approach is particularly beneficial for companies looking to leverage Black Friday not just for short-term gains but as a stepping stone to lasting growth and innovation. Liki's initiative, offering significant value in consultations and development, is a testament to their commitment to quality and client success.

This Black Friday, as you consider the best deals and discounts, remember the day's rich history and its potential to be more than just a shopping spree. It's an opportunity to make strategic decisions and partnerships that could propel your business forward. With promotions valid until December 10th, there’s ample time to explore how this day can mark a positive turn in your company's journey.

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Don't miss Liki's Black Friday deal: 20% off on software development and an incredible 85% off on 8-hour consultations. A great chance to boost your business!

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