August 27, 2019

Hybrid or Native? Choosing an App Depending on Your Business

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If you’re wondering what type of mobile app will be better for you, you’re not the only one. This dilemma is common, especially if you are an entrepreneur that is up to date with current trends. The type of your application can affect the business model whether you manage a big company or a Startup.

Hybrid or Native? Cheaper or more effective?

From the name you can guess that hybrid mobile apps are a combination of different web tools. For example HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but still having access to native mobile functions. Native mobile applications are written entirely in a coding language compatible with the platform on which the application is used. This lets the programmer’s creativity run wild as he writes it in its entirety and is free to create all the features.



Slower than native

Very fast and responsive because they are
built for that specific platform

No browser needed

Mostly no Internet connection required

Less expensive

More expensive

Simpler apps

More complex apps

One app for all platforms

The best performance

Faster to develop (a single code

More interactive and intuitive

Much easier to build
(HTML,CSS, JavaScript)
no need to learn new languages

Distributed in app stores

Has fixed tools

Gives the developer more creative power

Has access to the device’s internal
APIs; storage, camera, etc.

Better user experience on each platform

Choose them depending on your business goals

A native app is suitable for updating an already existing mobile application or creating a very advanced and complex one. It could be a game where there is an important need for smooth usage and great user experience. This option is often taken by businesses with big budgets since a native app will need much more funding.

Hybrid apps are highly advised for Startups. Their simplicity, and the fact that they are less expensive make a great tool to create a very simple mobile application or a mobile app prototype to show to potential investors.


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