September 7, 2021

How to Start Career in IT – Summer Internship 2021 at Liki


Olga Vasylenko

Marketing Specialist

Every summer is special at Liki: it is the time when the greatest minds help younger greatest minds to create something inspiring. This is the article about Summer Internship 2021 at Liki - about thoughts and feelings of interns, about the work done and the development of 2 complicated landing pages in just 1 month.

Let’s go forward to the comments of our ex-interns. I cannot fail to publish their inspiring feedback. They are not interns anymore, but Junior Frontend Developers and Junior UI/UX Designer at our Liki Team. They took an oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We even wanted to make the process anonymous, but interns refused because all feedback was strongly positive.

Mateusz (Junior Front End Developer, ex-intern):

I have really positive impressions. Our mentors and the whole team helped us to integrate into all processes and methods in a friendly and pleasant way. During the internship, I felt constant support and understanding. Our mentors did their best to make us acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible.

What did the process look like? Let’s establish the chronology of events:

Stage 1. Application process.

This year (2021) we had the best amount of applications ever. Just the 6 of the strongest interns had an opportunity to take part in the Liki/Frontend House internship program: 5 developers and one UI/UX Designer.

Dawid (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

For me, interviews always cause a lot of stress. In my experience, conversations of this type were usually associated with live coding, requiring answers to quite complicated questions etc. However, after the first seconds of the interview with Tomasz Krajewski, I started to feel peaceful. The whole technical part went smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. Questions were selected interestingly and thoughtfully, examining our interest and development opportunities more than looking for hard technical skills.

Stage 2. Graphic designer in da office.

The UX Designer Olga came to create the crazy design which impressed everyone. With the little help of the Design mentor and whole team, a skilled intern Olga created the landing page for the inspiring project.

Olga (Junior UI/UX Designer, ex-intern 2021):

My task was to create a visually outstanding landing page for the Product Discovery workshop - one of the cool things Frontend House offers their clients in order to develop better and more successful products. It was pretty amazing because I had been given a chance to create whatever I want and do it however I see it. The hard part, though, was to come up with truly awesome ideas for such a big project in such a short time span - just a month! But I was really, really determined to do my best and create a great and mesmerizing design so I'm very happy that it turned out so well.

Mateusz (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

At Liki, we got 2 very interesting projects to implement. Those projects impressed us from the first sight. I think that this is the most enjoyable way to learn - through the implementation of an interesting project and learning new technologies or solutions along the way. I definitely recommend it :)

That is how the process of Olga’s work looked like:

Stage 3. Meet the Devs.

Designs are ready for coding. Here we go: junior devs are on their way. Skilled mentors are always ready to come to the rescue.

Dawid (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

There is a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, every person is always ready to help. This month taught me a lot. We managed to go through the entire website development process in such a short time. During the internship, apart from mastering communication skills, we also gained a lot of technical skills from our supervisor Tomek.

Mateusz (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

Every day we were meeting development challenges which taught us a lot! It gave us a lot of knowledge and experience. The first day of the internship was impressive - we travelled to Lodz to learn and had a great onboarding at a new place and a new city. The process wasn't even stressful - it was pleasant thanks to the friendly atmosphere and great people around!

Stage 4. Ready product in 1month.

Dawid (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

The possibility of working in a team gave me a lot of satisfaction. We could exchange our thoughts and views while discussing the project together. Moreover, the moment when we combined individual components into one was really impressive. I realized that together we can build something really complicated and complex.

Jan gave a short, but pointed comment:

Jan (Junior Frontend Developer, ex-intern 2021):

I recommend the Liki Summer internship. It is a great opportunity to learn a lot and develop your skills and interests.

Thank you! We are glad that you joined our crew! We wish all the best on your new career path.

Ok, that was a nice adventure. Internships always bring some fresh air, new ideas, and huge potential to the company. And now our ex-interns are on their best way to become professionals in programming and design, we will definitely do everything to improve their skills and give them as much support as they need.

Can't wait for the 2022 edition. Are you keen on computer science and information technology? Set job alert...sorry intern alert! and see you next year in Liki.

PS Are you looking for jobs at a software house? Are you interested in programming, engineering, UX/UI, business development, or project management? Check our open positions!

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