September 13, 2021

How to Party at a Software House: Team Building and Integration at Liki


Olga Vasylenko

Marketing Specialist

We were preparing carefully. We got vaccinated. Took all we needed: warm clothes, water, food, and felt a relief. We were ready for the meeting: Force of nature VS Liki. We were preparing for the Survival and fight, but finally realized that we don’t have to fight. It was time to take a rest and recharge.

At Liki we love to spend time with each other. Pandemic, of course, messed things up, but we were ready for it and successfully handled a separation. We decided to finally meet and integrate for old times’ sake.

The whole day in the forest with beloved teammates. What could be better? It was absolutely natural for Liki developers and non-tech teams. This time we didn’t have to defend the code from bugs: forest is the natural habitat of bugs, as opposed to our code!

Watch the photos from the 2021 Liki Survival at the forest.

Team building activities outside the office: communication, relationships and culture buiilding.

Follow COO Przemek Mikus to reach the best results and wonderful places. Przemek is always fully equipped and ready for the challenges.

Importance of taking rest and process of team building activity  in successful team collaboration.

A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather them. A time to work hard and a time to sunbathe on a cliff in a beautiful forest near the river under the cloudless suburban skies… Should I go on? ;D

Employees lighted the fire: teamwork, collaboration and employee engagement.

After lighting the fire and filtering the water from the river, it’s time to get rest and to watch around disapprovingly.

Creative team building activity: employee engagement and mushroom picking.

We realize that our team members are really talented and skilled in various fields: field of software development, field of mushroom picking…

Employees in a hammock: successful team building activity and game outside the office.

Such team building activities and trips help employees improving skills and having fun. In this case, there is one skill we have to work on - the skill of watching to the camera while making photos. We will work on performance. ??

Employee in a hammock: building successfull team and team building exercises.

The best place to sleep is everywhere. Watch masters at work.

Team members coocking together: effective team working together and office events ideas.

Cooking some fresh venison. Hunted by ourselves, at the supermarket.

Team building activities outside the workplace: importance problem solving and employee engagemnt building exercises in a group.

Pretty, right? As a Liki team, we can have fun everywhere, but such places are perfect for team building activities. So peaceful and calm, so alive and impressive.

Events, parties, games and other team building activities are efficient tools. They help companies to strengthen the team, improve communication or problem solving skills. At Liki, we organize such events not to make our team more friendly, but because our team is close enough to have fun together and сreate shared moments. And I think it is the most precious thing.

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Olga Vasylenko

Marketing Specialist

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