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Kamil Plewka

Backend and Frontend Developer

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Michalina Sitarczuk

Project Manager

Tech stack

During the implementation we used:
ASP Classic
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Project at a glance

The most comprehensive national registry of biological factors.

This solution was designed for the employees of the leading medical institute in Poland. Having incorporated the current needs of the industry, we’ve created a new-generation app for entering and managing real-time information about the use of biological factors across the country. One of a kind, this registry has found a wide application in Polish occupational medicine, replacing the outdated system of biological data storage.

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From idea to solution

Facing the lack of experienced developers in Germany our partner invited Liki on the terms of team augmentation agreement. We’ve supported the internal project team in a wide range of areas and tasks, covering frontend, backend and design implementation. As well as assisting them with the development issues arising on the way and helping to get the products ready for launch on time. As a result of our effective cooperation Liki team was also introduced to other parallel activities along with attracting more of our specialists to the project.

While the solution has already proven to be a success, we are happy that we’ve got a chance to be a part of it. This experience allowed us to delve into Vue ecosystem and get upskilled in “pixel-perfect” methodology. It was both exciting and challenging to work with the top-notch designs, balancing between the stunning look and functionality of the app. After all, we believe that we’ve managed to ensure both at the highest level, in no small part due to the outstanding user experience provided by our partner.






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The main panel of the application integrates user-defined data features in real-time providing data visualisation and analytics modalities. The main functionalities include the management of notification, audits, enterprises, factors, reports, dictionaries.

Add new ticket

The integrated system serves as a biological search engine which allows a user to enter the data, enter the audit reports, as well as prepare a notification about the use of a biological factor.

Edit a factor

The application makes the process of registering biological agents easy and convenient. It allows a user to manage all the data from the National Register Of Biological Agents and gives a possibility to create and edit a list of the factors.

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