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We help businesses move to the next levels of growth with WordPress development solutions that are tailor-made to their needs. If you are running a business and have great ideas, it’s time for your website to reflect that!

WordPress development services at Liki

An amazing website is a reflection of your brand. It helps your audience know about your products and services. When you decide on website development, the first question that strikes your mind is which platform to choose. No matter the size of your business, WordPress may be the answer you are looking for. It’s fast, scalable, and affordable, and tailored WordPress development services fit your business perfectly. If you are looking for high-end WordPress development, you’ve come to the right place!


What is WordPress development?

WordPress is a famous open-source platform for building quality websites. As of 2022, there are over 1.3 billion websites on the Internet and some prominent names among these are Forbes or The New York Times. Out of these, there are approximately 708 million websites that use WordPress, and the number has been rapidly growing. From blogging to e-commerce platforms, WordPress is exceptionally versatile. Using WordPress can help your business get a user-friendly and intuitive platform with a system layout with ease.

This is what you can do with WordPress development:

01 Blogs

02 Business websites

03 Event websites and professional portfolios

04 E-commerce platforms

05 E-learning websites

06 Membership websites

As you can see, there is actually no limit. WordPress development possibilities are endless! WordPress is self-hosted and user-maintained, so all information is always under your control.


Why choose WordPress development?

WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms for web development. This is why:

It saves your development time

There are many useful WordPress plugins that can be installed in a few minutes. Moreover, WordPress is cost-effective. You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs to always keep the website operational since it’s also cheap and affordable.

WordPress is customizable

It can use pre-existing theme templates for the design and layout and on the other hand, they can be also highly customized.

It offers user-friendly content management

The WordPress platform has with many built-in tools that make content management easy. There are options like preview capability, visual editing, an automated revision history, streamlined publishing, and many more.

You gain flexibility

WordPress allows you to pick from plenty of pre-made themes. You can create a variety of websites. You can customize your site effortlessly as there are multiple themes to choose from.

There is a large support community as thousands of people use WordPress

Finding solutions to technical problems is just like a walk in the park.

There are both free and paid themes to choose from, according to your requirements
WordPress is SEO-friendly, and SEO is one of the most important strategies to help your business get online recognition

WordPress makes SEO simple. You can insert header tags and keywords with minimal effort, as well as install plugins like Yoast SEO. Also, since most internet searches are now made using mobile devices, it helps that websites built on WordPress are mobile-friendly.

You receive top-notch security

WordPress is equipped with a dedicated security team composed of core WordPress software developers and users. If you ensure that you are running the latest version, you can be sure that you have fresh source code installed with all the latest security updates.

WordPress extends your website with various plugins, which helps you make the most of your business

Installing the plugins provides more functionality that is beneficial to grow the business online. By using WordPress, you have access to thousands of available plugins on their platform.

Let’s talk about your business site

We will prepare a WordPress website tailored to your needs

WordPress development company – choose Liki

Our WordPress development services are based on years of experience and a continuous-improvement approach. Every day, we maximize content management system functionality to help our clients boost their business growth. WordPress development agency is perfect for companies that look for comprehensiveness – the portfolio of our services is wide and includes everything from building the website and choosing the right hosting solution to maintenance, SEO, and security. We offer both one-time services and comprehensive team augmentation options in all WordPress areas – theme customization, web development, and other WordPress projects.

Our WordPress development services

Wondering what WordPress projects we can complete for your business? Here is what we usually work on:

WordPress plugin development and customization
We provide custom WordPress plugin development services so that you can extend your WordPress site functionality. We offer plugin installation and modification, as well as enhancement services.

Custom WordPress core development
Secure, high-quality code is just the start. Our WordPress developers use clean-coded practices to design your website according to the WordPress ecosystem. They quickly fix technical glitches, create custom WordPress themes, and develop e-commerce platforms.

WordPress theme development and customization
If your website is lacking responsiveness, we’ve got you covered. Our services include UX design, PSD conversion, and everything from minor changes to adding new features. Having a great design is a necessity in the competition for online customers and we’ll do anything to integrate your brand and vision into your website.

WordPress maintenance services
Our clients are provided with 24/7 support services. It also includes protecting your website from malware and cyber-attacks. Security and performance are the two most important features of any website, and we know how to make them work for you.

Content migration
No matter if your content is in a database, a web-based system, or an exported file, we can import it all into WordPress. Migrating to a new system is not an easy feat but our experts will migrate your data without risks of data loss, leaks, or downtime.

Digital strategy and consulting
We’ve been working with WordPress for ages. Our WordPress developer, along with other experts, will be happy to help guide you the way through technical advice and direction, problem-solving, and infrastructure consulting.

Why choose Liki for WordPress development?

With our focus on WordPress development, you can be sure that the Liki team is well-versed in the best practices and newest features. We have built several WordPress websites and customized plugins.

Once started collaborating with us, you get:

Full professionalism
Reviews speak for themselves. 100% of clients who chose Liki for WordPress development services are happy with the result and would recommend us to others.

World-class customer service based on trust and top-notch communication
We are available 24/7 so that you can be sure you are in good hands. We guarantee smooth and efficient communication at any stage of collaboration.

Timely delivery
We do our best to speed up your time to market.

Performant outputs
We only develop websites that are responsive, highly optimized, and super-fast. This is the way to improve overall user experience and conversion.

During the WordPress development process, we remove any hardcoded gaps or unethical customizations. Therefore, the websites we build are easy to run and maintain.

Our WordPress sites are secure and easily upgradeable
We ensure your digital presence is fully safe and secure. We follow the industry’s best practices and implement the best configuration settings.


Choose the best WordPress development partner for your project

At Liki, we believe that heart-winning websites don’t come easy when you don’t have a professional, reliable partner. It takes a lot of time, work, and effort. Every day, our web developers push the technical along with creative boundaries to deliver robust and SEO-friendly WordPress development services. We’ll be happy to support your WordPress project, too!


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