Power Report

We create our own original solutions. One of them is Power Report – a cross-platform mobile web application, which requires no installation. Power Report allows to collect and analyze various types of data.

The power of an application in a mobile browser!

Power report is available in Google Chrome for Android, which allows the user to access the database in the browser, even in the off-line mode and on different platforms.

Power Report allows to:

  • collect an unlimited amount of data from any place on Earth.
  • report data to an Excel file and convert it into the PivotTable, which gives the tailor-made analysis of each company
  • input data according to defined hierarchy and narrow the fields of choices
  • define interviewers, companies, brands, products, etc.
  • register the exact time of the survey preparation
  • attach pictures
  • use closed fields of choice, that assure the correct data input

Power Report supports simple touchscreen data collection on every mobile and stationary device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC). It doesn’t require access to the Internet during data collection since data can be entered in the off-line mode, and synchronized later on.

It’s a great solution for:

  • Merchandising companies providing services to other companies, as a reporting tool with the ability to confirm the realization of the order by taking and attaching pictures
  • Promotional agencies, as a reporting tool of product resale, for individual clients or hypermarket chains
  • Research companies that conduct various types of surveys and questionnaires
  • Service companies providing external services in different localizations, to confirm the realization of the services in accordance with the contract arrangements
  • Chain stores, that outsource some tasks which are to be performed directly in stores. The realization of the task can be confirmed with the report date, attached pictures or some additional reports
  • Companies with field representatives

LikiMS cooperates with experts from Business Brothers company, who can conduct the analysis of your business and prepare a set of reports, indicating the data that is worth tracking and monitoring, due to their impact on business development.