Kiosk4Kids - kącik dla dzieci na każdy lokal i sklep

We have designed a unique WordPress page that promotes an interactive gaming platform for kids – Kiosk4Kids.

Kiosk4Kids is a mobile and fully interactive gaming platform that makes any place child-friendly. No matter if it is a shop, mall or an office, Kiosk4Kids allows kids to spend time playing various educational games giving parents time to take care of their business.


Designing it was especially important for us to make the website  reflect the fairy-tale character of the product. On the other hand, we wanted it to be transparent and user-friendly. We have chosen to develop a website based on WordPress, currently one of the most popular CMS. We used “one page” concept that allowed to fill all the information about the product on one page. We also designed a unique layout which introduces the visitor into the fascinating world of games of Kiosk4Kids. Our specialists also created a logo, icons and took pictures that show the product. Now we are sure that we delivered the website that does not only look alluring but also gives all the information about the product in a friendly way.

Results is designed in a fairy-tale style, the layout is clear and transparent. Thanks to eye-catching graphics and photos (and JavaScript technology improvements) the website has its own, individual and intriguing character.

We invite you to visit the website:


WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop