Who: Careers office at Łódź University

Business area: Education/HR

Country: Poland

First release: 2016 (1 edition), 2017 (2 edition)



Main challenge

The application has met the expectations of users, so we were invited to participate in subsequent fairs and continued our cooperation with the Careers office at Łódź University. This year (2017) Liki created a new version of the mobile app.

Technology used

Back-end: jHipster, Spring , Java

Front-end: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

CMS: AngularJS 1.5.3

What’s this?

This is the next version of the University Recruitment Fair mobile app. This year was refreshed the app design. Mobile app which is based on our the ShowFairs app for events and conferences. The app contains all the practical information which anyone attending the fair could need.

Uniwersyteckie Targi Pracy 217


With its intuitive interface, the app makes it possible for the user to:

  • choose particular floor levels
  • choose particular business areas
  • search for particular employers and their stands
  • find the location of particular employers and their stands
  • add notes on a given company
  • indicate their favourite company

The app provides the Employer’s Profiles which make it easy to:

  • browse the most important elements of the a given company’s profile, such as its website, Facebook page, geographical location, email address, etc.
  • find that company’s stand at the fair (floor level, stand number)

The app provides:

  • an interactive map which indicates the stand of a given employer

The app makes it possible for the user to:

  • add photos to a note
  • send notes

UTPuni application 2016