Power Consumer

Power Consumer is the application that allows companies to learn about the behavior and preferences of their clients, as well as to track the effectiveness of their employees, sales representatives and suppliers.
Get to know your customers and achieve success with Power Consumer!

Thanks to the latest technology, contemporary abilities to analyze the behavior of consumers, buyers, users of products and services, are almost unlimited and can be done on many levels.

Power Consumer is our original solution. It is used by companies, that want to stand out in the competitive market, by gaining knowledge about needs of their customers and the quality of their services, which can help them build solid relations with their clients.

The software allows to evaluate customers’ satisfaction, analyze data by using NPS indicator (which shows the number of people, who liked the brand, as well as people who would not recommend it to their friends), control the quality of products and provided services.

Power Consumer is designed and built using the latest technology and methodology, which ensures the effective integration and development of new functionalities. Power Consumer is compatible with all types of mobile and stationary devices. Depending on the version, it can be integrated with cash registers and generate reports. The software not only prepares questionnaires for the customer satisfaction survey, or loyalty programs, but also measures the degree of customer satisfaction of the services.

Power Consumer also allows to follow the effectiveness of individual employees, which has a great effect on the quality of services. Pleased customers are willing to come back. The system can operate at various points at the same time in multiple locations. All collected data is available on-line, 24/7. Thanks to the customer satisfaction information, customers’ preferences can be followed, hence better customer service practices can be implemented.

Power Consumer allows to:

1) survey the customer satisfaction,

2) analyze the data for each:

– employee;

– supplier;

– operator;

– store/ location.

3) control:

– worktime of the personnel;

– time of operational readiness of personnel;

– time of supply;

– time of delivery/ cash receiving information (date and time).

The scope of the analysis can be flexibly expanded and adapted to the needs of the company.