Who: Wielka Pętla Wielkopolski

Business area: tourist

Country: Poland

Release date: 2014

What it is?

A tourist application created as a guide to the Wielkopolska waterway route. The aim of the application is to promote the natural values of the Wielkopolska region and the cultural values of nearby towns and cities. The user, through the main functionality of the application – planer tours – is able to plan his trip along the Wielkopolska waterway routetrips by planning and writing his own trips or by using the suggestions or recommendations of other users. Additionally, in the application users can find current tourist and cultural events which are organized in the Wielkopolska.
The application also groups useful information for tourists such as: the length of the trip, the average daily cost associated with the planned trip, the average time spent for exploring on each day. With the application a user saves grouped information, so it can be used offline with recently saved status.