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We take part in LodzkieGo project which supports local business and strategic industries in the region of Łódź. The program enables key industries in Łódź to open for the new markets and export their products. Thanks to Marshal's Office of the Lodz Region we can participate in business missions, and raise Liki Mobile Solutions brand awareness. Within LodzkieGo program we get an opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners and set up B2B meetings abroad.

Our participation in the event was supported by the Marshall’s Office of the Lodzkie Region within the project, which fosters entrepreneurial activities in Lodzkie Region: “Lodzkie in Brussels supports Lodzkie business.Promotion of comprehensive export offers for enterprises from the Lodzkie Region”, financed under the Regional Operational Programme of the Lodzkie Region for 2014 - 2020.


Integrated Systems Europe 2020 in Amsterdam

ISE 2020 was the chance to make deeper connections with the newest technologies. The conference organized by RAI Amsterdam attracted over 1300 exhibitors and 80 000 participants. What’s more, it created lots of networking opportunities and B2B meetings.

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