Liki Mobile TV

Television is the most popular form of entertainment. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more common devices for everyday use. Thanks to Liki Mobile TV these potentials can be connected.


Liki Mobile TV is a multimedia service platform dedicated to cable TV operators, commercial real estate managers, restaurateurs, and everyone who wants to provide their clients with the access to the multimedia mobile entertainment (television, music, movies) on such devices as tablets, smartphones or smartTVs.

Liki Mobile TV makes it possible to have a typical entertainment, such as television and VoD (operator plan growth) on your phone or tablet. Now, you can have the mobile access to the HD view of urban cameras, to children’s and adults’ audiobook adapters, or to a variety of TV programs in the TV room app. The TV room application allows using social media functions, such as sharing pictures and comments on the screen while watching programs.

Our platform is a great marketing channel, which constantly enlarges the group of its customers. Operators, that want to implement mobile multimedia solutions of Liki Mobile TV platform are assured of the low prices of implementation and maintenance, due to the lack of costs for:

  • Building and implementing the platform,

  • Content

  • Team maintenance

  • Maintenance of a costly infrastructure

The platform provides users not only with the access to dozens of Polish TV channels but also to the worldwide broadcasters: general, informational, thematic and entertainment channels (eg. TVP, BBC, MTV, FilmBox). The platform gives the access to the HD view from over 70 urban cameras, which show attractive localizations like cooling towers in Ciechocinek, Dluga Street in Gdansk, ski resorts, beach resorts, tourist attractions of Krakow, Old Town Square and Sandomierz.

Presenting music, television, movies in the regular shops or service shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, imposes on entrepreneurs

many formal obligations and risks related to the payments settlement with the media houses and associations such as ZAIKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers). The service platform can be deployed on the web and/or using the STB decoder, which makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to provide their clients with multimedia.

Liki Mobile TV team has a broad experience in implementing service platforms and premise multimedia devices, including STB solutions, equipped with Smart TV Internet access, app store or value-added services of the provider.

The whole infrastructure is located in one of the biggest and best equipped Data Center in Poland – ATM JSC, whose clients are such companies as Nestle, Netia, Onet, T-Systems, Fox, mBank, o2, TVN, AXA, Exatel, Vectra, Plus, or Warta. Thanks to ATM JSC server center, we are able to implement DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) for the resources with a very high SLA of 99,999 %.

We provide service and service platform components ready for integration and implementation:

  • CDN

      • BGP edge routers (CISCO)

      • Hardware firewalls (CISCO)

      • RACK servers (HP / DELL)

      • Blade servers (HP / DELL)

  • Data Center – ATM JSC (PLIX / ACX)

  • Original backend, frontend, and streaming solutions

  • Mobile application client package (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, HTML5).