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Internet of Things

For many years the IoT (Internet of Things) has been the most popular innovation at all the international congresses and forums in IT areas.

At the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, all popular high-tech vendors showed diverse IoT consumer items such as Bluetooth toothbrushes, toys and more advanced and complicated solutions like an automotive intelligent board assistant, which is used in the biggest European garages. For the first time the IoT topic appeared in the XX century when people dreamt about the technology which gathers the information, for instance, refrigerators were expected to make shopping automatically without our participation. Which means that the prototypes of IoT were available in the last century. And now we’re living in the XXI century and still, there’s no such a refrigerator that can do shopping for us…

Liki team has experience in the electronic devices design, microcontrollers programming (eg. AVR – Atmel, MSP430 – Texas Instruments) and integration with the software of the external devices eg. mobile applications and web services. Liki will help your company to connect your products and industry to the Internet. Together we can increase the value of your portfolio. Our company can develop and integrate IoT solutions with ERP and corporate systems. Our team has a broad experience in development using the following technologies:

back-end: Java (including Spring Framework), PHP, Zend, Magento, Python Django.

mobile apps: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

PC: MS Windows, MAC OS, Linux

The Internet of Things can enhance the image of your company as innovative and dynamically adapting to the possibilities offered by civilization.