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We are proud to present our new product – Kiosk4Kids, which is a unique modern gaming platform that can be placed almost anywhere. Kiosk4Kids allows to create a play corner for the youngest, as well as to present your company in a very innovative way.

Kiosk4Kids is a platform containing multiple games that will surely attract every kid. All the games have educational aspects, so they bring not only a fun time for children, but also develop their knowledge, motor skills, and creativity. On client’s demand we can provide games in different languages, and thanks to the lector, the games are simple and intuitive. Our product is designed for children of any age, from the curious toddlers to older children who are interested in more challenging tasks.

Kiosk4Kids contains a stable and modern tablet with games and game-changing application. The software is secured from unauthorized access to protect key files. In addition, the device is also resistant to mechanical damages caused by careless players. Installation of kiosk does not require a large surface. For better functionality and aesthetic appearance, a logo, contact information or advertisement of your company can be used as a screensaver.

Moreover, kiosks can be fully personalized. Not only the colors of the device can be changed but also the shape and the size are adjustable. Kiosks can be mounted on the wall with the help of a special housing or can be presented as an interactive table. The Company’s logo can be placed on the housing or the frame of an interactive table. We have an individual approach to every customer, therefore, Kiosk4Kids is highly individualized and tailored to our customers’ needs.

Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Power Report

We create our own original solutions. One of them is Power Report – a cross-platform mobile web application, which requires no installation. Power Report allows to collect and analyze various types of data.

The power of an application in a mobile browser!

Power report is available in Google Chrome for Android, which allows the user to access the database in the browser, even in the off-line mode and on different platforms.

Power Report allows to:

  • collect an unlimited amount of data from any place on Earth.
  • report data to an Excel file and convert it into the PivotTable, which gives the tailor-made analysis of each company
  • input data according to defined hierarchy and narrow the fields of choices
  • define interviewers, companies, brands, products, etc.
  • register the exact time of the survey preparation
  • attach pictures
  • use closed fields of choice, that assure the correct data input

Power Report supports simple touchscreen data collection on every mobile and stationary device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC). It doesn’t require access to the Internet during data collection since data can be entered in the off-line mode, and synchronized later on.

It’s a great solution for:

  • Merchandising companies providing services to other companies, as a reporting tool with the ability to confirm the realization of the order by taking and attaching pictures
  • Promotional agencies, as a reporting tool of product resale, for individual clients or hypermarket chains
  • Research companies that conduct various types of surveys and questionnaires
  • Service companies providing external services in different localizations, to confirm the realization of the services in accordance with the contract arrangements
  • Chain stores, that outsource some tasks which are to be performed directly in stores. The realization of the task can be confirmed with the report date, attached pictures or some additional reports
  • Companies with field representatives

LikiMS cooperates with experts from Business Brothers company, who can conduct the analysis of your business and prepare a set of reports, indicating the data that is worth tracking and monitoring, due to their impact on business development.

Power Consumer

Liki Mobile TV

Television is the most popular form of entertainment. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more common devices for everyday use. Thanks to Liki Mobile TV these potentials can be connected.


Liki Mobile TV is a multimedia service platform dedicated to cable TV operators, commercial real estate managers, restaurateurs, and everyone who wants to provide their clients with the access to the multimedia mobile entertainment (television, music, movies) on such devices as tablets, smartphones or smartTVs.

Liki Mobile TV makes it possible to have a typical entertainment, such as television and VoD (operator plan growth) on your phone or tablet. Now, you can have the mobile access to the HD view of urban cameras, to children’s and adults’ audiobook adapters, or to a variety of TV programs in the TV room app. The TV room application allows using social media functions, such as sharing pictures and comments on the screen while watching programs.

Our platform is a great marketing channel, which constantly enlarges the group of its customers. Operators, that want to implement mobile multimedia solutions of Liki Mobile TV platform are assured of the low prices of implementation and maintenance, due to the lack of costs for:

  • Building and implementing the platform,

  • Content

  • Team maintenance

  • Maintenance of a costly infrastructure

The platform provides users not only with the access to dozens of Polish TV channels but also to the worldwide broadcasters: general, informational, thematic and entertainment channels (eg. TVP, BBC, MTV, FilmBox). The platform gives the access to the HD view from over 70 urban cameras, which show attractive localizations like cooling towers in Ciechocinek, Dluga Street in Gdansk, ski resorts, beach resorts, tourist attractions of Krakow, Old Town Square and Sandomierz.

Presenting music, television, movies in the regular shops or service shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, imposes on entrepreneurs

many formal obligations and risks related to the payments settlement with the media houses and associations such as ZAIKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers). The service platform can be deployed on the web and/or using the STB decoder, which makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to provide their clients with multimedia.

Liki Mobile TV team has a broad experience in implementing service platforms and premise multimedia devices, including STB solutions, equipped with Smart TV Internet access, app store or value-added services of the provider.

The whole infrastructure is located in one of the biggest and best equipped Data Center in Poland – ATM JSC, whose clients are such companies as Nestle, Netia, Onet, T-Systems, Fox, mBank, o2, TVN, AXA, Exatel, Vectra, Plus, or Warta. Thanks to ATM JSC server center, we are able to implement DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) for the resources with a very high SLA of 99,999 %.

We provide service and service platform components ready for integration and implementation:

  • CDN

      • BGP edge routers (CISCO)

      • Hardware firewalls (CISCO)

      • RACK servers (HP / DELL)

      • Blade servers (HP / DELL)

  • Data Center – ATM JSC (PLIX / ACX)

  • Original backend, frontend, and streaming solutions

  • Mobile application client package (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, HTML5).



Rugged technology

LikiMS has become an official partner of Handheld Europe AB, a privately-held manufacturer, and supplier of rugged mobile computers, including tablets, notebooks and handhelds.


Rugged products are designed for anyone who works in a tough environment. Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, our devices measure up to all of them.

From a user’s perspective, ruggedness describes a computer’s ability to operate in any type of exposed working condition, not just for a single use, but for three to five years of its life expectancy. Depending upon the type of work performed, however, what is rugged for one user may not be rugged for another. Ruggedness is defined by testing environmental specifications. The three most common tests are for temperature range, military standards (MIL-STD) and IP rating.

The temperature spec defines the operational temperature range of the unit. Working with a unit above or below this spec may cause the unit to fail.

MIL-STD-810G  is a standard issued by the United States Army’s Developmental Test Command. The standard consists of a series of various environmental tests to prove that equipment qualified to the standard will survive in the field. They were designed specifically to test military equipment, but are now used to test a wide range of both military and civilian products, including mobile computers.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and an IP rating is used to specify the level of environmental protection of electrical equipment against solids and liquids. In other words, it tells us what amount and size of solids or liquids can get inside the enclosure and possibly damage the device.

Together with the resellers and the numerous software companies around the globe, we form a partnership that offers products that withstand the toughest conditions and solutions for almost any application imaginable.

For more information, please visit

Canias ERP

Liki started the cooperation with the German company IAS and became their authorized partner in Poland.

In response to a strong market demand, we expand our product offer with CaniasERP software. Liki started a cooperation with the German company –  IAS and became their authorized partner in Poland. In terms of cooperation, we sell, develop and adjust IAS products to the needs of the Polish market.

With its seamless and unique technology, CaniasERP is a comprehensive, open source, fully flexible, scalable and industry independent ERP solution. It empowers companies to run their operations efficiently and gives them the ability to make decisions faster using reliable data as well as prepare for upcoming business challenges, by organizing all business processes and data in a single system. It allows the customers to manage the company away from the chaos of using various different systems.

It is one of the first few ERP software solutions in the world that can be accessed online with its full functions and modules. All Java-capable web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, are supported. This approach allows geographically diverse branches, as well as customers and suppliers, to be integrated into your system in a flexible manner.

Main features:

  • Multiple modules such as customer relationship management, document management, quality management, service management and project management, as well as maintenance and a module for electronic data exchange;

  • Easy integration of external systems, affiliated companies, external employees, partners, customers, suppliers;

  • Access to the source code of the application by TROIA. The development environment TROIA, the IAS-specific tool, allows the customers to make adjustments promptly to fit their needs without limiting the release capability;

  • Low costs for IT infrastructure;

  • CaniasERP software is tailored to the customer needs, as it can be offered in the form of a (customizable) standard ERP as well as an individual development platform, and is currently used in 26 countries and in 13 languages;

Liki supports IAS in adjusting the product to the Polish market, so CaniasERP would satisfy our customers’ expectations in every aspect. IAS and their partners attach great importance to the understanding of customers’ specific needs, to model processes precisely and to customize them in clients’ systems.