We contributed to creating the online platform that connects chemical producers with customers. It’s a free, user-friendly frontend web app that allows buyers to search and purchase chemistry products from every major seller in the world! We expanded the online marketplace for chemicals to the fully fledged e-commerce network. Currently, the platform has collected more than 95k chemical ingredients.

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My Orange

Customer satisfaction is the key. Therefore the application was supposed to be easy to use and very fast. UX/UI part was very important in that case and finally we have one of the most User Friendly telecom app on the world. The biggest technical challenge was a large amount of transmitted and processed data. We had to manage a large number of clients, stakeholders, types of services, products and connections between them. Most of the services have special requirements, some of them can work independently and the others cannot.

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We're more connected than ever thanks to the widespread smartphone adoption. Together with RAMSES consortium we’ve used the functionality of modern mobile phones to provide better assistance in health crises. Having remote access to bystanders’ devices with up-to-date video, audio and GPS information emergency services are able to react faster and provide medical care in a more effective way.

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Fitness App

Mobile app development is revolutionizing every field of the health industry, including wellness and fitness. How can mobile apps transform the fitness industry? We’ve created a mobile app for a German manufacturer of fitness equipment which will help you track your training results, set up new goals and keep all your progress data stored in one place. Thanks to all these options our fitness app will boost your workout performance.

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Occupational health care

This solution was designed for the employees of the leading medical institute in Poland. Having incorporated the current needs of the industry, we’ve created a new-generation app for entering and managing real-time information about the use of biological factors across the country. One of a kind, this registry has found wide application in Polish occupational medicine replacing the outdated system of biological data storage.

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This solution has incorporated 55 strategies used by the Fortune-500 businessmen, athletes and special forces members for personal productivity and well-being. It is made for active people living on the fast lane, willing to maximize their impact in today’s complex environment. With its help, users demonstrate better performance, resilience and mental agility.

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