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Krzysztof Pierzchała

Frontend Developer

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Marcin Skrzyński

Team Leader

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Kamil Stawski

Frontend Developer

Tech stack

During the implementation we used:


Java Spring


Scss wth BEM
Webpack with Babel

Project at a glance

The first performance coach in your pocket.

This solution has incorporated 55 strategies used by the Fortune-500 businessmen, athletes and special forces members for personal productivity and well-being. It is made for active people living on the fast lane, willing to maximize their impact in today’s complex environment. With its help, users demonstrate better performance, resilience and mental agility.

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From idea to solution

Our developers supported the German team, experienced in front end development including creation of the new features, bug fixing and data integration. Using our experience in healthcare and mobile apps development, we had a pleasure to be a part of R&D brainstorms and to help the team in solving various issues. For better understanding of the business side and team integration, we organized on-site work with the client’s team every half year.

In this project the software design and content were strictly defined, therefore we used Pixel Perfect tools, which let us maintain 100% compliance of the webview with the project. Most of our work was made in vue.js. From the other hand our support in Java was focused generally on a database of special users’ forms and integration with the administration panel.

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Liki Mobile Solutions provides additional development resources to work on a range of front- and backend projects, using technologies including Vue.js and Java.

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“They’re always willing to help and willing to learn new implementations of technologies.”

Their development efforts have been successful thus far, establishing effective UXs and smooth-running projects. They cooperate well with the end customers and always communicate well, though could improve their transparency over team scheduling.
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