August 26, 2019

The First Street Application in Poland: Piotrkowska

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While being in Lodz and wanting to explore it even without having much time, you can not miss the most popular street in the city – Piotrkowska Street. The longest European street promenade with continuous development is now probably the first street with its own application. Being on Piotrkowska you will notice beautiful houses, picturesque and romantic views as well as numerous cafes and restaurants. Sometimes among so many attractions, you can get lost and not notice those that are not on the main street but hidden in the gates and intriguing recesses of Piotrkowska.

Some large cities create applications that help tourists and even residents move around and be updated on the latest events. Cities such as Cracow, Warsaw or Gdansk have such applications, but so far it has not been dedicated to a specific, known place in a given city. Interesting proposals for mobile applications are offered in cities such as London, New York or Paris. London offers an application that allows you, depending on your location, to see what the city looked like about half a century earlier. It attracts not only tourists but also residents who are interested in taking part in the “time travel”. New York (USA) allows residents to find a parking space or exit on the right metro stop thanks to their application. Paris (France) lets app users discover the secrets of its history by providing trivia and historical descriptions of the most famous places in the fashion capital. It is difficult to find an example of a street application that offers information and a guide to all of its attractions. Liki Mobile Solutions, together with the Lodz Center of Events created “Piotrkowska” – Poland’s and probably Europe’s first street application.

“Piotrkowska” application was designed for the curious and willing to use their valuable time to discover as many phenomenal points on Piotrkowska street as possible. Now, walking down Piotrkowska Street you will be able to:

  • Discover and learn about 1034 locations
  • Open the map
  • Open a list of shops and restaurants
  • Browse the list of available toilets
  • Search for public transport stops
  • Get information about monuments

A summer walk on beautiful Piotrkowska Street will become an opportunity to experience new possibilities!
All these options make it easy to have a great time on the most popular street in Lodz, but that does not mean that users can not make recommendations to make it even better. Liki is open to hearing your opinions, suggestions, recommendations, and ideas for creating an application that will benefit all the users. For this purpose, you can share your idea and take part in the creation of Lodz innovation by filling in the form on the website of the Lodz Event Center (ŁCW)
The best proof that the Piotrkowska application immediately responds to your expectations is the fact that we have already introduced numerous changes in it. Changes are associated with sorting options, UI and UX design improvements, including the appearance of the calendar and improving some views. Our developers along with the Lodz Event Center will still work on the next changes of the functionality and content of the mobile application. More updates are planned for the upcoming months. Liki, along with the Lodz Event Center, is waiting for your opinions and ideas about the development and change of Piotrkowska app, that we will try to put into practice gradually – because your satisfaction is the most important! 

We hope that the application will help you discover all the fascinating attractions of this street and fall in love with Piotrkowska once again.


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